Quality of life improvement

I have a idea of quality of life for arena and battleground

Let’s set a example : mage and warlock

When the arena begin, you don’t need to wait for the warlock to set a soulwell : at preparation if you have a warlock on your team , a soulwell is already spawned by the game on the side of the warlock

for buff : at the start of the game, automatically Arcane intellect ( even if mounted ) when gate shut down , it will allow in case player forget.

What quality of life will you add ?

No need, those who forget will lose against those who don’t forget because they are worse at PVP.
And then they no longer forget.

Delete the disgusting lizard class.


i don’t think it’s a good or bad skills

it’s more like getting time to talk strategies and adjusting talent while in preparation without doing repetitive thing

I say quality of life not balance

I know what you said. It would be a quality of life improvement for all.

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  1. Remove Blade’s edge from Shuffle and 3v3
  2. Make it so you can’t get the same map 2 games in a row
  3. Balance map rotation better
  4. Remove conquest cap from start of seasons and provide boxes at the start of seasons
  5. Add a pause feature for any rated arenas where if somebody disconnects the game and absolutely everything is frozen for 10-15 seconds so the guy can come back
  6. Rework LFG

this are actual quality of life changes
automatic buffs/soulwell/food? thats basically calling out to make everything passive except rotation? meh :\

Not a bad list :+1:

how would you rework lfg?

Make it so when you create an LFG group:

You list the specs you want to play with.
Maximum of 100 rating difference more or less than you.

People of those specs will see your group and apply and get invited automatically if they are similar CR with you. If you never played before together, you will need to do at least 2 games before somebody can be removed from the group, otherwise the leader will receive a penalty such as Deserter for let’s say 1 hour. This will allow people to join groups without being declined by elitist jerks that checkpvp them, even though the applicant is the same rating and spec that the group maker wants.

Remove the ingame voice system and establish a partnership with Discord, so you can instantly jump in call with the people.

Add a spec ban system to queueing. So your team can ban 1 spec and not face that spec in any match. If something is FOTM and broken and gets banned by every team because they don’t want to play against it, then Blizzard will be forced to tune the spec properly and make it balanced.

I’ve given this idea before. It will automate inviting and deny the toxic jerks who kick you after 1 game. The 1 spec ban system will ensure better balancing of games and easier push for everybody, while negating FOTM things and lead to faster class tuning. This kind of a system can take data for which specs are also being invited the least, in case some specs need help and buffs, especially healer specs.


man they should hire you , imagine you came up with already better ideas than blizz and it didnt take you 10 years i bet

I get why you’ve said this , but it would lead to grieving and possibly flame baiting to then report.

Not enough currently active players imo

Not keen on this for privacy reasons, also forces you to have 3rd party software. Rather see way better promoted voice for the game

They balance way more around PVE? This could be detrimental to the mains of classes who are currently FOTM (like your DH early DF :/)

The ban system could also give some comps a huge advantage by banning the worst counter classes to their comp, frost mage etc

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i think his point is from a new season s1 from idk next expansion pov or? so that would also clear the problem of not enough players?

There’s class tuning for PVP specifically. I don’t care what’s FOTM, I care about what is playable and what isn’t. It’s their own problem if they overbuff something so it can be FOTM.

Take for example Destruction warlock a patch ago. They added a talent that gives you 50% chaos bolt when Infernal is active, but instantly made that 10% in PvP before even releasing the change. Now imagine they did that for every class.

Not really, because every class and comp have at least a few counters. But not having to play against FOTM crap or that 1 class that literally makes your life miserable is a quality of life thing.

And it’s a quality of life thing for literally everybody. Meaning everybody will get to push, not just some specific class, comp or player.

If it is for next expansion, that’s a shame really
20 years to get a reasonable pvp tab window with group finder

I had an idea for this a while back, cba to trawl through my own older posts but i’d start with the UI window for PvP , then allow lots of information of players.
I.E - Can see their peak rating, what season and class was played. This will help tell you wether they abused FOTM in a heavy inflated season (Ret 10. patch) OR , if they played a B/C Tier class and pushed 2.2k in a really deflated season

Agreed but it happens every single expansion and season without fail

Imagine indeed , is that some level of competence I see potentially?

I understand why you’ve said it. I’d be very cautious before adding it into WoW though

Not trying to shut your post down by the way, I do agree that LFG needs an overhaul

It would also delete Lohis :frowning:

Lohis can live but no brown spec lizards.

Actually the idea to blacklist a spec makes sense, I would support this for sure

I upvote :smiley:

yes, in current lfg you put note “no retri or mm” but they always que anyway

That wasn’t the point.

The point was when your group is full and ready, your leader can blacklist 1 spec you guys don’t wanna face. So let’s say this existed on the Ret patch, Rets would be broken as they were, but nobody would care because they would just ban the spec from facing it. Which would in turn lead to massive Ret complains, and Rets asking their class to be balanced properly themselves.

So imagine a world where a FOTM abuser themselves are asking their spec to be balanced and tuned down, because nobody wants to face them and therefore they get no queues. This would force quick tuning and balancing in PvP :slight_smile:

Therefore in that scenario, 95% of the playerbase (non-rets) would be happy, and 5% (the ret mains and the ppl who wanna FOTM reroll Ret) would not. Not the other way around, like it actually was, until most people just gave up and rerolled rets themselves to FOTM abuse ratings and titles they didn’t deserve to begin with, and the % of rets changed from 5% to like 25 or 30% or something.

The above is just an example of the impact of banning 1 spec that you don’t want to face when queuing Rated PvP. This already exists in Moba games with multiple bans in lobbies before a ranked match begins. New champions who are utterly broken basically get auto banned until they get balanced.