Quel’dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race

Nah people wouldn’t be happy with it…
I would like it, because it would explain how more Void Elves come into existence.

As of right now there’s a hole in the lore on how more Void Elves are supposed to be created. (Their creation was the result of a failed transformation ritual after all)
If they made “normal skinned” Void Elves, then it would be explain how more Void Elves come into being.

But yeh, people would hate it because the pro-Helfers wants, as you say, specifically the High Elves, i.e. the Silver Covenant High Elves.
I personally wouldn’t mind these being playable either, but I don’t care much either way.
I like the Void Elves well enough.

But to be fair I’ve seen quite a few Horde players ask for Eredar, which as you say makes no sense. They’re 100% demons.

Historically, in lore, the High Elves of Quel’Thalas were for the most part arrogant and xenophobic, viewing themselves as better than the rest of the mortal races.
With a few exceptions, such as Alleria and her soldiers. But most looked down upon the rest of the races.

Every time the High Elves allied with the Dwarves and Humans it was out of necessity rather than any desire to co-exist because they are so “chummy”.
The High Elves taught the Humans magic, but that was because the Humans demanded it in order for them to help against the Forest Trolls during the Troll Wars.
The Elven Magisters only taught the Humans because they had to.

So overall the High Elves were more akin to the High Elves of Elder Scrolls, arrogant people who consider themselves the betters of the rest.
Rather than the Tolkien Elves who fought alongside the Humans and Dwarves again and again.

After seeing their entire nation and people decimated to the point where extinction was a real possibility, all Thalassian Elves might be a bit more humble today though.


Helf relationship with gnomes and dwarves is largely undocumented and just assumed to be “allies”. It is stated that humans and dwarves allied quickly because they had some shared interests in sharing war stories and smithing. Nothing like this is mentioned for Helf, their initial alliance is very transactional in nature “we’ll teach you magic if you help us with trolls”. Most helf beyond military personnel and mages in Dalaran did not interact with humans. Their relationship is painted somewhat frosty but allied nonetheless.

The held that remain presumably stay with the alliance because upon expulsion from their own kingdom they had nowhere else to go, but I doubt it’s because they’ve magically become best mates with humans by and large. They’ve probably grown closer over time due to isolation from their own kingdom, but to me it comes across that in general terms humans are happier mingling with dwarves and gnomes than helf, due to Helf having quite an elitist surface to them (they’re largely magic wielders and the vast majority of humans have no magical talent). So whilst I imagine human nobles and magi regard Helf well, anyone below that tier is probably largely indifferent to them and vice versa.

Just my take.

Guys and Gals, Check out the thread on this section called

" [New customization options for blood elves and void elves]"

Turns out Blizz confirmed Blue eyes for Blood Elves and…

Drum Rolls

High Elf skin colours for Void Elves.

It paid off dudes and dudettes…You can now play an Alliance High Elf. You waited long enough, so grats on that front!


Just ignore the tnetacles and occasional void outburst :smiley: :smiley:

Official Blizzard post :

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Technically still no high elves, so i say keep on going with these threads, forums will not be the same without them

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The best part about this, is that they might as well of just added high elves cause look where we’ve ended up.


there are litteraly real high elfs in the void elf starting erea. so no you are not quel’dorei you are a realy high elf.

Literally both Blood Elves and Void Elves are playable High Elves, it’s 100% confirmed now lol

exactly, now even the last lame excuses not to give us HEs are proven to be lame excuses.


Maybe Void elf will get a option for the active racial with arcane animation for making more high elf ?


yeah, void elves didn’t need to exist xD


Is it me or in the personalizations of the Void Elves, we see some with underwear in the colors of the blood elves? It may be a detail but knowing that I am wondering

No there’s gotta be a toolitip on a character creation screen that specifically states you’re a highest of elves or it doesnt count

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yes, those are presented as new VE customizations but are actually BE models.

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Did you realise this because of the hair? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOLOL these mad lads actually did it. Oh well, more elves for me to bash. :man_shrugging:

no the underwear.
are those BE hairsstyles too?

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Rejoice Less Humans and Night Elves and more High Elves in the Alliance! :stuck_out_tongue:

(well Kul Tiran were already extremely few lol)