Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race


Do you really want to see high elves anywhere you go? I mean yeah, faction balance and all that, but at what cost?

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What will you give for High elves? I’ll give away void elves.

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Belated because I was muzzled, but happy 7k posts.

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its insane that this post is still going on!!! just give them already to the people. Retail is dead anyways so you can do whatever you want with it.

Bring Classic fast pls


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My old night elf main, Arodeesa Winterstorm, shared the same view, but was a lot more upfront about it. She accepted friendships, but anything romantic with a non-elf was unacceptable. She even kicked people out of her regiment (the Winterblades on Defias Brotherhood) for refusing to end their relationship with a human. The elf had to leave the guild both IC and OOC (disclaimer - I don’t personally have any issues with any kinds of consensual relationships between adults, but my night elf did, and the guild was built as a hyper conservative WC III style night elven regiment, and we didn’t allow OOC guild members).

That’s why I love playing elves. They allow me to explore sides that feel foreign to me personally, like xenophobia and being conservative. High elves would allow for some other dimensions to this than night elves, though, seeing as they’re in a slightly different situation, and haven’t been immortal like the night elves were for ten thousand years. And different to void elves because they’re less voidy. Different to blood elves because of how they’re exiles, a minority, more conservative in some aspects, while less conservative in others, how they’re probably bitter at their old kin, their former leaders, the rulers of what used to be their home, for centuries and more.

Prominent figures among the high elves, formerly and present. This is what Elisande talked about when she came for the high elves.

Half elf options for high elf allied race confirmed! Right?

I doubt we will. Allied races will be rarer than the old races because they’re locked behind reputation grinds and quests. Only the people who really want high elves will bother. And yes, I’d love it for people to get what they want. Especially when it’s what I want. =p


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Re-release Northrend for next expact ‘Scourge’ and add another Silver Covenant faction that you need to get exalted with in order to unlock them. People won’t even care if it’s a Legion re-hash as long as it’s better than BFA.
It writes itself.


Oww dud, 7ks of replys. The battle continues mon amis, keep fighting and dont give up. Ogres and Helves will become a reality i hope


I swear I have seen it somewhere saying, that he has unique Half-elven model, though, I am sorry, I can’t find the source now. (he has at least unique face other than the hair colour, while the body is the same as any other human’s)

Yeah, I know that. I used it, because it is the only source, that gives any insight. Other than that, there is literally no other source, so we can say that we know absolutely nothing about them or that the information from the RPG book can serve us as an inspiration for how it could be, until Blizz clarifies it. Which might not happen at all X)

I did not stated it as a fact (at least I hope, if I did, I apologize), btw I did not meant it like there are 100x more Half elves, it was rather a suggestion for my idea to work. I still find it quite doable and as a possibility, how to get Half-elves and High elves alike. It justifies the use of different model and unique customisation options (let’s say 50 % would be Half-elven and the other 50 % HE in facial options), which means that it could have higher chances to be added, since it would be different enough. + the story could be rich, when there would be two “races” and together they can make nation strong enough to not rely heavily on the Alliance in every single matter.

I think it is a good compromise and a solution, which could harm no one, but that is just my POV.

We stil do not know what is their population, just that there is prolly some, if they are just individuals or if they created enclaves within the big cities or if some joined Silver Covenant, where they would be accepted, since if its leader, Vereesa, had human husband and is raising half-elven kids, while all of HEs still did not question her choices or leadership, there should be more compassion and open-mindedness for them.

Who knows? Maybe Blizz can say tomorrow, that there are only few Half-elves on Azeroth, although that would be super weird and cringy, when all of the Windrunner sisters chose human partners…

It all also goes along with how many High elves are still alive, we know of the minimum, but that is again kinda vague.

Btw: Sorry for late responses, I haven’t got much time lately.

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Hey guys, as this thread dates back to may 2018 and is quite dated now, in both layout and information, I’ve decided to request this thread gets locked, I’ll, therefore, be posting a new mega thread to replace this one once it’s locked. With a much better layout and updated information. :smiley:


Why though? Sorry, but I feel like there is no need for that.

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Oh heck no, I’m the same, I hope that didn’t come across as -me- having such hangups in real life, my relationship history would be…highly hypocritical if I did! But Brigante is fairly ancient, 1,404 to be precise, and fairly set in his ways, like your character he has no problem with being friends with the other Species of Azeroth (Apart from Amani, to heck with those guys). Its even broader than that, he has no problem with a Sin’dorei/Shal’dorei relationship. If they weren’t on the enemy Faction he wouldn’t have a problem with a Sin’dorei/Kaldorei or Quel’dorei relationship. Think he’d draw the line at Ren’dorei however :stuck_out_tongue:

True, I mean I can see the appeal of both Kaldorei and Shal’dorei in that regard though, the sheer terror of having Immortality and then losing it, watching in the mirror each day for a sign of mortality, a wrinkle or a grey hair. Better to be like the Sin’dorei or Quel’dorei, with no illusions of Immortality to be shattered.

I can understand the conservatism aspect, and what you mean by more and less at the same time, I mean if we look at the Blood Elves, the Farstrider order is pretty conservative, they disapproved of what the Blood Elves were doing, and are somewhat a ‘half way house’ between the Sin’dorei and Quel’dorei. They disapproved of the Blood Knights, but didn’t disapprove of draining Mana, the Quel’dorei were just one step beyond. However they are less conservative in that they have sort of integrated into Human society, and are possibly more accepting of things that Blood Elves would regard with disdain.

Its an old gag of mine that I refer to the Windrunners as ‘Trailer Trash’, as all three of them seem to share the family ‘kink’ for human men. Which most Elves would find disgusting, and the fact that all three of them have the same inclinations is so statistically unlikely as to be laughable. Blizz really overused the ‘Aragorn and Arwen’ trope to death there…

I reckon that sounds like a reasonable idea, yeah, as I say, I think High Elves are -less- intolerant of such an idea, than Blood Elves, who seem, much more…haughty?

I know, I had a quick look and I couldn’t find it either, I did find his in game model, and I wonder, has he been updated when the other Human models were? It doesn’t look like he has, I might be wrong.

I’m…not sure that would be the wisest course of action, you have a Mega thread, with a lot of constructive ideas in it, and suggestions. If you get this locked, you are dooming it to drop down the topics list, and all those ideas will be doomed to obscurity. You also don’t know that Blizz will necessarily -grant- another Megathread.
I’d seriously think carefully before requesting that they lock it. Anything new that needs to be said can just as equally be said here?

Alliance High Elf Allied Race Megathread
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He’s just probably imitating what was done today in the US forums, where they asked blues to close the HE megathread in order to open a new one with all the info and ideas consolidated in the very first post. I do think it’s a good idea.

Have a look at the (new) US version:

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Glad this thread still up

Sad that 99% of wow is catering to horde


No, a discussion on High Elves shouldn’t have warranted 7000+ posts because there is no biological or cultural diversity between High Elves or Blood Elves. Besides the former having a different name and blue eyes, if you want to play a High Elf you need to roll a Horde toon. This is really a case of a vocal minority unwilling to listen to a “no”.

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The removal of Human Paladins. :rofl:

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Correct! :smiley: I feel it will be more productive and refreshing, also the fact this thread was translated over from the old forums and is quite huge :smiley: so it might better for newcomers and going into the future to have a new thread with updated layout and information. (Yeah the US thread is the US part of our community) (we have old threads archived so people or devs or anyone, can go back and look at them)


I don’t think that everyone gonna change their char to a High elf. I will change my priest only .at this moment he is a Void elf (holy priest on Argent Dawn.). The people hate me or pretend that I don’t exist . xD

The High elves are significant force and are from a really long time in the Lore and the game . The third sister have a Chance now to rise and shine like the other two. Vereesa! ^^

It is time !

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That’s going to lose a lot of the genuine ideas if it is done EU side Given the attention Blizzard pay to the EU Forums, do you think they will have someone slog through 7,000 posts and pick and choose what -they- think are the relative posts to carry forth to a new topic.

Also, I have read the US thread, I 100% Oppose that and hope High Elves are never a playable Option if they go with (And they will, B’cause USA) that as what a High Elf is. Why not just have a High Elf, y’know, how they are in game?

“No, we got these gnarly new muscled bodies, with more customised options than Blood Elves, and Warpaints, because the Blood Elves never used them, apart from like…90% of them”

Can I just remind you what you are asking for. You are asking for Blue Eyes on a Blood Elf Model. Anything else, is a Lore Mockery. That is the only difference. Not “We can grow beards” Not “We have Facepaint!” not “We’re all buff because Rangers!” Even the Icon on that thread on the US needs some work. That’s basically copying. That’s someone taking the Silver Covenant symbol and putting it on a shield when there is -NO- evidence that was ever a symbol for the High Elves, in fact all the evidence is to the Contrary. It’s the -SAME- Image as the Blood Elves, just in blue and silver. So whilst the artwork is clever, that is emphatically -not- a High Elf symbol.

But the Americans don’t care, do they? They want their savage tribal woaded up Elves. To HECK with them! That’s -MY- culture. If I don’t get to play them, then they don’t. That’s a damned insult. As much as Americans like to think they’re all part Irish, are they heck as like. Now you might be thinking “But Brigs, People from other nations can play Tauren, despite them being based on Native Americans?” To which I would say “Absolutely they can, I do so myself, But this would be -excluding- me from what is, actually part of my cultural heritage, and I bet they don’t even know what Woad was for, they just went ‘Lets paint Alleria Blue a bit!’”

I honestly do find it insulting that the US Fanbase think it is acceptable to culturally appropriate aspects of culture that is just not theirs, whilst denying it to people whose culture it actually is. That US High Elf thread needs to be shut down, until they can operate one that is not depicting racial stereotypes. They crossed a line.

Any ehh, Statistics for that? I mean 99% That’s a pretty bold claim, given the Alliance are getting the welfare items and buff, but come on, 99%, Where is your proof? If your first words are “I don’t need proof, anyone can see that…” Then you’re pretty much saying “I don’t have proof” So come on, 99% of WoW is catering to Horde, Can I see some Proof?

I mean I don’t actually want that, but dear Gods they are the worst, you just can’t reason with most of them…

It…Also holds some incorrect information, as I have -already- said. So you might want to talk to your US Counterparts. They start claiming blue woad as a High Elf thing, I’m allowed to claim feathered Warbonnets as a Blood Elf thing, that right? Do they not know the sheer cultural insensitivity?

Might seem funny to some, but Woad was important, it was a big part of the preparation for War, same as Oiling and braiding your hair for the Spartans, and making sure you were ‘clean of chin’ (Yeah, they never had Beards or moustaches) For an Ancient Scotta or Votadina, Brigante (Yeah that’s where I got the name from) or Iceni, the Woad was not just a fashion statement, it was an important Cultural thing…It was…It was like a Soldier checking their combat rig before going into battle, You had your woad, and you had your Limed Hair, so that it stood up in white spikes and looked scary…

Why is it Americans only claim ‘Cultural appropriation’ when it applies to them?

High Elves with Woad would be Cultural Appropriation, and I -live- in the places where that was common practice. So you need to talk to those US people, and get them to back down. Woad or Warpaint is -NOT- a High Elven thing. That’s not OK. At all.

Ehh, They’re small but vocal, I mean by definition, they are a tenth of the surviving Thalassian population, They’re significant only in a kind of flag wavy way, they are really not significant as a military force. (Go on, ask me about Suramar, I dare you…)


So it is a reason for faction change?
You mean like Garrosh threatening to kill Baine (“sharing the same fate as Cairne”), Kol Kron beating his people and sylvanas jailing him?
And it worsens the situation when it is you warchief who jails you instead of third party. Garithos was the only important and still standing commander of Lordaeron left; he wasn’t official leader of alliance.
Also horde was killing high elves before Arthas did. Shortly after joining the horde blood elves were blackmailed into Northrend campaign.

Yeah, it is the same short sighted politics as enemies of stormwind creating alliance with Gilneas/kul tiras when it was at the odds with Stormwind. There was a prophet/hero of Trolls preaching rise and unification of troll tribes.

For your information - primal means: relating to an early stage in evolutionary development; primeval. Blood Elves are advanced culture and society with very different structure than tribes. You can change the silvermoon into leather and spikes huts and still the blood elves wouldn’t be primal unless you specifically talk about architecture.

Yes, original high elf culture was twisted beyond recognision to fit the horde values and renamed. It is called vengetful and vicious not primal. “Death to all who oppose us” salute and mind controlling of those who do not agree with politics are examples.

So you are a creator of definitions? By what authority? And btw the whole point of planet of the apes was that the apes created advanced culture while the humans were the ones that were primal.

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