Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race


I think this problem can easily be solved, really. And maybe i’m hopeful but i do think it will happen, hear me out.

The High Elves are already an established Alliance race, we could argue, like the Dark iron and some other dwarven clans, they are there just not playable.

We know the actual people that want them do not care about how they look or sound or stand or dance, as long as they hold the original Quel’dorei status and beliefs.

We know the Blood Elves and rightfully so would feel sacked if the copy+paste+edit green to blue was to happen for their model. (If the Nightborne got the exact Night Elven model i wouldn’t be all that happy about it too!)

We also know 2 models using same rig also isn’t a problem with yet another race (Zandala) using the night elven model and Kul tiran the upright orc one!

My suggestion is, make them different yet stay true to their heritage to show that both these races used to be 1 at some point. My idea was, give them a different/idle/attack/cast animations as we know there is no 2 people that stand or do things in the same manner. Obviously hairstyles that are inspired by humans/night elves etc as those are the people they mingle with and obviously have taken things from (would also explain warpaint for example)

But if that still wouldn’t sit with Horde players, i personally wouldn’t mind a recolored Night Elf model as it’s really just about the High Elves and their lore and status.

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If we get the kal’dorei model it’ll be bad as i know we Have High elves within Stormwind City i’ve even seen them with their names where they were named something with High elf.


I know, the high elves are present there with the current model. The kaldorei model is just to not hit the horde on their most sensitive part which is the blood elves, the one and only reason people play Horde.

I wouldn’t mind either way, as long as they become playable.

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I have a transmorg ready for My High elven Paladin but the Kal’dorei model would ruin it.


Well, you can’t really wonder why people ask for them. They are part of the Alliance story and they participate in many events, where they are always on the Alliance’s side even if it is questianable like the Purge of Dalaran. Quite often they get more attention than some of the races that are part of the Alliance from Vanilla. +They add them in various places like Portal master in Boralus, HE mages on the ship that is in Arathi warfront, in the Island expedition group, in the Alliance portal room …

All of the arguments, that were used to justify why they weren’t added to the Alliance, were refuted, the last ones in BfA with creation of Allied races, just look at Void elves. Their addition was kind of unfortunate, because instead of turning most of the remaining High elven population to Void elves, we got transformed Blood elves with no certainty that anyone else ,who (High/Blood or even Half-elf) would want to become Void elf, would be transformed in similar way. This was a missed oppurtunity for Blizzard how to deal with this ongoing situation.

I suggested using those old NE based models to create High elves so both of the sides might be happy, but I thought that it still might be strange to have two nearly identical models, but just look at Kul Tirans. NPCs have all of the body types, while for gameplay purposes the Allied Race have only one available, so this suggestion of updating the old NE model seems like a viable option and not far stretched like I used to be a bit afraid of, even though those models are still in the game.


Just to add to this but wasn’t there an entire in-game cinematic (in Legion) where they had the Blood Elves on one side (representing the Horde) and High Elves on the other (representing the Alliance)? Making a clear distinction between the two?

Or did I dream that? Lol.

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I believe you’re talking about the Gates of the Nighthold, which involved High, Blood and Night elves being talked down upon by Elisande


Yes it’s this.


There is no way to turn someone a Void Elf. They are, like said before, an ‘elite force’ instead of a race. They are, in other words, an experiment that went wrong (Or went very right, depends on which side of the fence you’re on). As it stands, they can’t turn anyone a Void Elf.

And im glad Blizzard didnt go this cheap route. I would hate and probably quit immediately if they tarnish the noble High Elves like this. I’d rather have them unplayable and have their glory and status of a high elf than playable and become a void corrupted abomination.

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no, it was real, not a dream :stuck_out_tongue:


There is not official explanation if that is or ti is not possible, I guess that Blizz would just say, that there is no problem to become a Void elf :confused:

I just wanted to emphasize that they are creating opportunities for us to use in this discussion all by themselves. btw I would not be overly happy about it, I’d trade Void elves for High elves (or Half elves, which is unexplored possibility, but rather interesting one) anytime.


The fact they made sure it’s clear that the Void Elves are Sin’dorei, shows that the High Elves will eventually become playable. If they wanted to get rid of the High Elf demand, they would’ve like you said, made the High Elves into Void Elves but they didn’t and actually emphasized that those are Sin’dorei and not Quel’dorei.

That added with the fact that they keep on adding Quel’dorei NPCs with clear “High Elf” in the name also points to the fact that they have not forgotten them nor are they a thing of the past. It’s really only starting to point towards them becoming playable in the near future, my earliest bet is they are one of the main selling points of the next expansion.

Also about the Void, i’m almost certain that they can’t “turn” people into Void beings. Them becoming a Void Elf and changing their form is something that wasn’t intended itself as you see in the scenario - it was, again, something that went wrong. Unless Blizzard expands their lore, at the moment they have no way of turning one into a Void elf themselves. If we’re talking lore wise and without counting the players, there are at most 50 legit Void Elves and the numbers are not growing.


Yeah, I know that but there is huge possibility that either they would just add Void elven NPCs everywhere with no explanation how come that their numbers are growing or that anyone studying Void can become affected like those Sin’dorei.

We can always hope, it crossed my mind, but it seems a bit too optimistic XD


I wonder how they’ll explain it too, given their numbers.

Well i’m not willing to wait longer than that, anyways :slight_smile: Next expansion will either make it or break it. It’s either that or the High Elves becoming Void Elves, will be the day i uninstall this game for good.

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Yeah, the ‘Numbers’ argument doesn’t hold up. Sure Blizzard -say- that the Quel’dorei are rare and so few as to be a race ‘In name only’ But when you compare that to the Ren’dorei, who are supposedly ‘A Squad’, then it is pretty apparent that numbers are not a factor here. I mean. A -Squad- I mean, if you take all surviving Thalassians, 90% are Blood Elves, 10% are High Elves. Void Elves are too small to even feature as a single percentile. They are not even 1%.

Yet they are playable.

On the subject of Void Elves, They’re a ‘one time only’ deal. The circumstances around their creation are so unique as to almost certainly be unable to be replicated. For a start, they exist because of a mistake. They made a mistake, and Alleria saved them. You can’t -plan- to make a mistake. Something went wrong and they don’t know what it was.

If they’d done their ritual an hour earlier, or a day later, They would all be ‘happy’ Ethereals. It was that -Precise- mistake, at that -Precise- moment, that Alleria was able to save them from, thus creating the first Void Elves.

Others can study the Void, just as Alleria herself did, but the actual player Ren’dorei are unique, and could never be replicated, as the precise criteria needed can no longer happen.

Doesn’t stop people learning Void, but they will be slightly different from those original Void Elves (Not that this makes a difference in game, or in any practical sense, but its an interesting lore snippet).

We know that Void Elves very blood, changed colour, and is now purple, we know they are few. We do not know if they are even fertile/able to bear children, but we do know that they are too few to have a sustainable population, even assuming they can carry children/that said children would not be insane drooling wreckage.

Whilst Void Elves don’t interest me enough to unlock and play one, I don’t actually have the disdain some people do for them, and think they are an interesting addition, which says a lot about the Alliance’s desperation at this time.

Still, if they can be an Allied Race, with their few numbers, then High Elves certainly could be.


As long as they not retcon the story and make the High Elves suddenly turn into Void abominations im fine with the void elves.

I want Blizzard to stay true to them just being an elite force, a squad like you called it and keep their hands away from the High Elves.

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I can’t see them doing that. To do that with the High Elves would basically make Vereesa, Alleria 2.0 And I can’t see that. The only thing (Never really liked her as a character, not because she is a High Elf, She’s just a bit too ‘flip/flop’ between being utterly wet and being utterly psycho) She has going for her is that she is the balance between Alleria and Sylvanas right now. She’s the only one who stayed ‘Normal’.

I honestly can’t see how Vereesa would survive as a compelling and interesting character if she was anything other than what she is, The Last Remaining Windrunner Sister uncorrupted.

Now if they’re not going to change Vereesa, I don’t think they will do it with the High Elves either, and they -do- have too much history to suddenly do that. I know they are not a playable race, but they do have that history, they’re part of the furniture, the setting. It’d be like Blizz just getting rid of Ogres. In fact, it would be -exactly- like Blizz just getting rid of Ogres, a race that we know belongs to a faction, we see around the place as either bad guys or quest givers depending on Faction you play, and has had a fairly in depth history in the game.

We -know- High Elves exist, and they are in the Alliance.
We -know- Ogres exist, and they are in the Horde (Not all of them obviously, but you know what I mean).

Getting rid of either would make no sense. I honestly don’t think we will ever get (Nor do I particularly want) playable Ogres, I think High Elves are more likely.

They’re not going to shoot themselves in the foot and make them (High Elves) irrevocably impossible, so…to be fair, I can’t see them just getting rid of them all and turning them all Void Elfy


Going by the thalassian model option. I think it’d be only be fair to give the Horde the San’layn.

Both San’layn and Quel’dorei are very popular and they both use the thalassian model. That’d even it out with Quel and- Ren’dorei on Alliance, Sin’dorei and San’layn on the Horde.

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Yeah, it would. I just…I don’t know, I still don’t like it. I don’t want San’layn…They should be as rare as rocking horse poop even -assuming- there are actually any still alive (I mean the ones who wanted to join the Horde did all get killed). Know what I want? and would make sense, and I didn’t actually realise I wanted until now?

Give Alliance High Elves.

I want Gnolls for the Horde…