Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race


That would be another reskin of human model and quess what, the biggest change is eye colour. If you want to have human model on the Horde side with barely no changes then I see no problem with having High elves on the Alliance side (Thalassian model).

I do not mean it offensively btw, people would want to see many “reskinned races” such as Wildhammer, Earthen, Iron Dwarves, Broken, Eredar (Man’ari), Mok’nathal (Rexxar is based on orc skeleton), San’layn, gilgoblins, junker gnomes, many different Troll tribes and I can go on and on…

They want them as customisation options but at the same time they’d want them to have different racials, which can only be achieved by creating them as a new playable race/AR.

And I say why not? Better than some races that were created out of the blue just to give one of the factions access to certain model…

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The pandaren are widely ignored as a relevant comparison in this debate. What we’re asking for is the Alliance version of the blood elves, who are the same race, but do not call themselves blood elves, but rather high elves, and that have been a part of the Alliance for longer than the blood elves have been with the Horde, to be made playable. Huojin and Tushui pandaren should be a perfect analogue to blood and high Thalassian elves. They’re the freaking same race! Luckily for those who want there to be differences, circumstances have caused the majorities of the different populations to have developed different eye colours and/or glows. That’s it!

Now, I’m all for pandaren getting access to hairstyles more typical to the factions they’ve been with for a while now, and that they’d have the opportunity to look slightly different from one another because of cultural influences to hairstyles, and that the same could happen for high and blood elves. Much more wouldn’t really make much sense. The major cultural shift between blood and high elves comes down to faction (and to a lesser degree on choices and policies as to how to deal with magical withdrawal), and that really doesn’t alter how you stand and walk.

Character models and movements are pretty much representative of what’s typical for the majority of the playable population.

Now, someone’s suggesting half elves added as customisation options for high elves, which I imagine would imply adding more humanesque features, such as body types, ears and skin colours. Adding these options to the high elves would turn high elves into “high and half elves” where choosing any of the half elven options would make your high elf appear as a half elf. I’m really not sure what I think about this. It might be cool, and it’s something that would make more sense adding in with Alliance high elves more than Horde blood elves, but then again, it would require a whole lot of options to one race alone, and I’m not sure how I’d defend that to the Horde players. I mean, let’s at least try to be fair here…

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The problem is that there’s, like, twelve of them left and we see a high and bood elf getting a crash course together in Telogrus. Give it a couple of years and the sad, blue eyed splinter faction of Thalassian elves will be no more, fully subsumed into the ren’dorei population.

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Nightborne have had ten millennia to diverge from other night elves. They’ve developed a language of their own, and a culture that’s really not like the night elves’ at all.


You are at this point utterly rude and dismissive.

And Brigante has responded to your replies.

Thank you.

What problem?

The blood elf one is highly based on the spellbreakers, which was a class that arose with the blood elves. I think the high elves might need something more understated, and, of course, something in silvers and blues. In this, I think a lot of the Americany fanarty concepts might be good points of inspiration. Somewhere between a ranger and a mage might be what’s representing the high elves best.

I think, for me, the time to just put Maidel on ignore is drawing closer.

I think the phrase “You think you do, but you don’t” fits nicely here.

I don’t thin there’s anything we’d want to do with it. Blood elves are in the Horde. Good for them. This thread isn’t about that.

There are hundreds of high elves in-game.

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But i was wondering what you all would want their racials to be. I’d like it if it’d be to be some op things like the zandalari trolls i mean they can insta heal back to full health.


No race should have op racials…

I think that passives can be very similar or even the same as the BE ones, though Arcane Torrent should be changed for something else, that would resemble their stand for draining energies from living things.

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Just give them original Arcane Torrent on half the CD, just to watch the Belves reee


I can assure you he was not…


This. Nightborne from this perspective are not really a good argument in this discussion.

Although, there is one thing about them, models for players and NPCs are different, I know, they had to create the new models for the players, but why this AR model wasn’t used anywhere else in the game for any NPC? Same for KTs, NPCs have all kind of shapes, but playable race only one.

So why not using NE based model for players? (and NPCs can have both Thalassian and the old model as well) If it is not problem there why in this case, when the differencies can be minimal (see Silvermoon City Guardian vs regular BE model back in tbc)

So from game’s perspective there are other ways, already used elsewhere.

There are some sets that look fittingly for HE, anyway the most imporant thing should be used colours: silver and blue, with no blood/phoenix or any other BE motifs.

Yeah, so if Void elves as a squad can become a playable race and there is no issue with their population, then this is enough. (Draenei, Gnomes or DS trolls have small populations too)

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arcane torrent makes sense, mana tap does not but we dont have that anymore

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I did come up with a couple of suggestions earlier, but it is a good long scroll up now…

If I remember rightly, having gone through them all, I’d basically reckoned that there is only one Racial that Blood Elves have, that High Elves wouldn’t have.

Yep, you guessed it. Arcane Torrent.

Now I thought of what, in my opinion is a pretty neat racial for High Elves (Even though I wouldn’t be making one, this just seems pretty cool and thematic)
OK, Arcane Torrent is totally a Blood Elf thing. Why? Because it effects living creatures as well as draining Mana/Energy/rage. It is literally stealing life energy from living creatures around you, which is the -Exact- reason the High Elves objected and got Exiled. I mean that’s -why- they are High Elves, so they absolutely should not have Arcane Torrent as it is now
Mana Tap might work, but its still a bit ‘Blood Elfy’ if you see what I mean, and essentially isn’t giving people who play High Elves -anything- different.

Or…How about this idea?

We know all Elves, High and Blood, can drain Mana from items, we know High Elves did this to survive when the Sunwell was broken. We know Arcane Torrent is a powerful racial, so any High Elf replacement would need to be powerful. Then it struck me. Why not both?

So (and this obviously scales) A High Elf can ‘Disenchant’ any green or above item, draining it of its mana, and destroying it in the process. They don’t need the Enchanting skill to do this. Then, for the next ‘X’ duration, then have ‘Y’ bonus to their Primary Stat. So its giving them a real useful Buff, that they can self impose, and it is really in keeping with how the Race itself survived.

I had another idea about them being able to Purge themselves of excess magic and get rid of one Debuff, but to be honest, I prefer my first idea.


Why is this post still a thing?

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Because people are still interested in discussing it?


Not really

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Quote the whole line silly…

And here is a really weird idea. If you are not interested…don’t seek it out?
Its one thread.

I’m not interested in all the whingers complaining that they have quit their subs and stamping their feet like little children, but some of them are amusing to debate with, so clearly I -am- a little interested.

If you’re not interested, why comment here?

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I’m interested!

I love this! It’s really down to what makes high elves high elves!

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I agree, it would also benefit to move their lore past their traitorous kin and to forge a new future for themselves, one past the civil skirmish between the two factions.

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Shock horror :open_mouth:, you aren’t all people :wink:


I do not interestand, why is he complaining anyway, when we contain HE topic in a single thread, so that anyone can ignore it with ease…