Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race

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Same reason people who only wanna read positive feedback go into threads which are clearly about criticisme at the game. Just stop thinking about why.

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Exactly this. I feel like they want to censor us simply because they don’t like the topic?

Anyway, just wanted to say I love Brigante’s idea of Disenchanting as a potential racial for High Elves - very well explained.


6.4k comments and ther are still things to be said about high elves?
Are you those guys who hang out in comic books stores in your spare time?

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there is nothing new to be said here,

people just making the same points over and over

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people keep making the same, already answered counterarguments about playable HE, so it’s polite to explain them why they are wrong.
said this, if a thread is not interesting to me, I don’t post in it just to state the discussion is not interesting, as it adds nothing to it.

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This has been said probably hundreds of times by now. It’s probably the most repeated phrase, from people who have no interest in actually following the debate. You assume there’s nothing else to be said.

At the moment, we’re mostly discussing possible racial abilities. We’re also discussing and coming up with increasingly better suggestions for how high elf playable models might look, that would keep them true to being high elves, while adding different flavours from the blood elves. Heritage armour is also being discussed, and new and modified ideas keep popping up.

And this, of course. Because you negatives are contributing to keeping this thread bumped. Thank you.

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“new and modified ideas keep popping up.”

i’ve been in this thread from the start, don’t bullsh*t me

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Then why are you still here if you believe there is nothing new to be said?

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there is absolutely nothing new to say here,

i’m reading it because i was invested from the start, i was pro-HE now i’m anti-HE,

this thread is just a massive círclejerk where each waits for moontear, turiel, or retributer to comment #highelves2019 or something of that ilk

at this point the thread is no longer a proper discussion but more a stubborn tirade of comments that won’t abate til you get what you want

but as we see with children; crying about something endlessly doesn’t necessarily get you that thing

the best part is the vast- VAST majority of these comments are you guys attacking people for disagreeing with you

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you get the irony of posting in a thread, just to tell other people not to post in the same thread right?

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did i tell people not to post?

i did not.

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Anyway, I’m not going to justify why we keep posting here. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Period.

Back on topic.

Have you guys already discussed the possibility of the racial “Meditation”? Something like faster resource regeneration. I think it would match pretty well the Alliance-aligned High Elf lore.

(Seråph) #6487

the problem with all these HE racial ideas is that the HE are not different from the BE,

anything the HE can do the BE can do as well but with the added ability to siphon mana from living things

so meditation, item siphoning, etc are all things BE did/do

arcane torrent is no longer coupled with mana tap so the BE racial is a blast of mana(‘torrent’)

which HE would be able to do too

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i’d like to see something with pets as a flavour racial, something like a % xp for pets, or a highr chance of capture, after all HE like their pets enought not to eat them.

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vareesa orders the execution of the dragonhawks in dalaran during the purge

they’re not animal lovers as much as the next thalassian

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I am not sure they did? Afaik Blood Elves did not meditate - they simply siphoned mana from living beings and then fel crystals and such. Maybe Brigante can enlighten us in this sense.

(Kayleen) #6491

well vereesa is an single individual, i am tone deaf it doesn’t mean humans are not musically capable.

(Seråph) #6492

meditation is just a thing they did, more related to farstriders

but the HE didn’t do that to survive, they survived because they lived in dalaran(or they died in their lodges with very very few exceptions)

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This is contrary to what I have always believed - could you please provide me with a source indicating this? Not that I doubt what you say, I just want to read this part of the lore carefully.

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As someone who runs a Dragonhawk rider Guild, that quest had me raging when I did it on Alliance side…
I was like “We’re supposed to be the -bad- elves! What did the Dragonhawks ever do to you!”

I don’t like Meditation, as a racial, and I will explain why. If Arcane Torrent is to be replaced, it needs to be something with a combat bonus, so a buff (even if kicked in before combat) fits, Meditation lacks that punch. You wouldn’t be able to use it mid combat, and frankly, with the best will in the world. Resource regeneration is so quick as it is, that it would be a pretty meaningless racial for High Elves to have, “Whooh, I have to wait an extra second less before I can cast spells again! I’m so glad I am a High Elf!” Heh, you see what I mean… I just don’t think Meditation would pack enough punch for a Racial, in comparison to Arcane Torrent.