Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race

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there isn’t any to determine either point

in the shadow of the sun i think its briefly mentioned that they mana tapped items but i dont recall it being so that mediation was even a thing the thalassians did,

it was just an idea

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i prefer the idea of something similar to arcane torrent that is charged then activated by use of disenchating items(i think you mentioned something similar)

but the former pro-HE part of me would not accept any excessive differences between HE and BE,

because they’re the same

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We know they did drain items, as ultimately, this is what actually killed off Quel’Lithien Lodge in EPL, the very one described in ‘The Shadow of the Sun’ an intensely powerful magic item that they drained, that turned them all (bar 3 survivors) Wretched. So yeah, they definitely Mana tapped items. Meditation seems to have been more a Farstrider thing, but then the Farstriders were described as the least effected by Mana withdrawal (Both Blood and High)

Every other racial than Arcane Torrent, I agree, Blood and High Elves should have exactly the same.

(Edited as I got the wrong ‘Quel’ and said ‘Quel’Danil’ originally :smiley:

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i had a look about an the only reference to meditation on the wiki type sites is regarding the kaldorei and moonwells

we can assume that invidivuals do mediatate in the same way real life humans do but its no staple of their racial identity

which to me is a good thing because the loss of the sunwell isn’t just something you can just meditate away


As the Heavy in Team Fortress says “Cry some more!”

But seriously if the alliance had high elves I can guarantee so many Horde players would jump ship onto the Alliance.

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Well the ‘Heavy’ sounds like a petulant child.

I don’t actually think people would jump ship. I know I wouldn’t, nor would my guild, nor the RP community on Horde AD (Don’t go “that’s a tiny number” check out Realm Pops).

To be honest, the people who would jump ship? They already -did- when Void Elves were released. The people who stayed, actually -like- playing Blood Elves -in- the Horde.

Look what race a lot of the people asking for High Elves are posting on here (That’s not being Judgy McJudgeface, just pointing something out)

Void Elves. Void Elves and Humans.

Giving playable High Elves isn’t going to change the faction dynamic in any non-negligible manner, at all.

(Leinadh) #6501

I haven’t thought about it that way, I completely agree with you.

So then meditation is something related to Alliance-aligned High Elves and Farstriders, not the just the former. Thank you for the info!

Once again, completely agree.

(Brigante) #6502

Yeah, they also mentioned that Farstriders are actually a pretty big -thing- as opposed to just ‘Elven bowmen’ and I would imagine this applies to High Elf and Blood Elf alike, we know it applies to Blood Elf ones, but it makes sense to apply to High Elven ones as well.

For a start, they’re actually a political body, not just a military one, they actually have a lot of social power. They are also fairly supernatural, They are an ‘order’ not just rangers, and are pretty much the vestiges of the Quel/Sin’dorei Druidic tradition, they do actually employ and have ‘Nature’ magic.
Further to that, they are the Blood Elves (Presumably this would apply to High ELves as well) who were -Least- effected by the Fel presence. They didn’t suffer the withdrawals as much, and they suffered the Fel presence less, in terms of the changes. They are constantly described as the physically fittest, and most resistant to disease and such.

(That’s actually the reason Brigante is so pale, not that all Blood Elves are tanned at all, but it just seemed to add up)

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Sooooo, I am not someone in support of playable high elves. I mean, in general I don’t even like them.
But from the point of view of someone not in support of high elves, just wanted to say that I wouldn’t mind a shared model. Hell, I would mind a hell lot more a flashy model with tattoos and stuff. (Because lorewise, blood elves should have it too, and if the opposite faction allied race do like the Lightforged and Highmountains, I would be unhappy.)

Same model, blue/gold eyes, eventually different hairstyles; all fine by me.
If by the occasions we can get more skin colors (darker tones) and tattoos/warpaints/runes for everyone coming from Quel’thalas, I’m even in support.

(Azrathel) #6504

Most lodge-dwelling high elves would have been Farstriders, right?

Apart from not wanting to play one, would you have enjoyed fighting high elves? Do you role play? Would you have your background story shared with some high elves (like estranged family members, former sisters in arms, lost neighbours, childhood friends, etc.)? Because that’s something I’d LOVE to play out on my high elves.

I wonder if there are many humans and forsaken role players who have decided to have common backgrounds like that. I suppose it’ll be easier when the characters get to speak the same languages, though.

My other void elf has done this. When researching his background, I looked into the Argent Archives. I decided on the surname Suncrown (as in Suncrown Village), and found a Suncrown blood elf role player, whom I contacted, and we found a seamless and interesting way of merging our family trees and backgrounds.

This sort of thing is something I hope to see a lot more of on high elves.

(Brigante) #6505

I think it is a safe bet to say that -many- of them would have been. We do see people like Priestess Aurora at Quel’lithien, who is -not- a Farstrider, but I think it is pretty likely that it was the Farstrider element of High Elven exiles who went to Quel’lithien and Quel’danil, whereas others went to Dalaran, Theramore and Stormwind. The Lodges, Retreats and Enclaves are the traditional power centres of the Farstrider order, after all.

That’s not to say that all people at the Lodges are Farstriders, or that some Farstrider’s did not go to the cities (I mean Vereesa famously did), but they probably make up the bulk of them…

Heh heh, check out her Guild Tag and Realm. Simple answer is ‘Yes she does’ She’s my 3iC in the Guild :smiley:

(Narmë) #6506

Like Brig said, I do indeed roleplay! And yeah, there would be place in Narmë’ s background for that; cousins or childhood friends mostly in her case, as she’s a relative youngster. (Her elder sister would have more potential for that; estranged best friend after her choice to be a Sunfury? Heck yeah!)
I currently have a very old nightborne who should meet her kaldorei great grand daughter, who have been heavily scarred in Teldrassil. Yes, i do love cross-faction angst haha, and blessed be that potion.

I admit that a good part of my reluctance toward playables high Elves comes from how unpleasant a crowd they attract, but it seems it calmed those last months (Not only on this topic I precise, in general in WoW com’ stuff.) so there’s that.

(Azrathel) #6507

Some of us haven’t always been the best representatives for our cause, that’s certainly true. I think parts of that, though, has to do with frustration. Not necessarily from not having the one race they desire to play the most, as much as from the sheer mockery and taunting, that was especially espoused by the “the Horde is there for you” comment by Hazzikostas. I’m not excusing their behaviour, of course. Besides, there have been, let’s say tendencies, towards entitlement. Like “We want them, so we’re owed them” and similar attitudes, which also don’t make people more sympathetic to our movement.

All in all, though, most people (in the high elf movement) just really, really wish for playable high elves.

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I am until the day we get them then i’ll main my High elven Paladin with An Argent Crusade tabard or with The Lightbringer tabard And with the Hilt quest item sword.

(Brigante) #6509

Bit of trivia here, assuming you are talking about Quel’dalar, Lady Liadrin is the actual canonical wielder of it.

Still, I’m sure there are plenty of swords that look -like- it, I mean Brigante doesn’t actually own Thas’dorah :smiley:

(Türiel) #6510

Well as long as she serves the lich queen she’ll only wield the corrupted one.

(Brigante) #6511

There isn’t a Lich Queen, and I think you might be confusing it with the Ashbringer? There isn’t a corrupt Quel’dalar.

(Türiel) #6512

Well it’s just my opinion she’s serving darkness yet she claims darkness cannot abide within The Light.

(Leinadh) #6513

Exactly this. Frustration, mockery and, may I add, repetition of arguments.

(Vintoleth) #6514

night elves, blood elves, void elves, nightbourne… do we need another elf off-shoot?

besides, aren’t all of them (not sure about night elves) off shoots of high elves anyway?