Quel'dorei High Elves as an Alliance allied race


No they are not, sry but I can see why you do not get, why we want them, when you don’t know nearly anything about the topic.

I wonder why this applies only to elves? There are already three playable human races and NPCs os those uses the same model for most of the time, while Night elven and Thalassian model are at least different enough.

On top of this it is always strange to see someone, who presumably has elven main on forum, complaining about elves.

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blood elves are. and void elves are blood elves who’ve gone emo.

i was wrong about nightbourne though, with them being off shoots of night elves.


But that is kind of the most basic stuff to know.

btw Nightborne have more in common with Blood elves (+ High/Void elves and Shen’dralar = “modern” Highborne), since they come from the same upper caste of Night elves - Highborne.

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There are four playable human types - Stormwind humans, Gilneas humans (worgen), Kul Tirans, and forsaken (undead humans). There are four elven types playable, two dwarves, two trolls, two orcs, two tauren, two draenei, two factions of pandaren, and the rest, I believe have only one type. People do suspect another variant of gnomes coming up. I can see that some might feel there’s a bit much of elves (and humans). For years, elves and humans were the only ones who had more than one type represented as playable. But it also depends on how you categorise the races and playable groups in WoW.

Humans and forsaken are rarely considered the same race, yet they are (especially as long as other forsaken races aren’t playable). Night elves and blood elves have vastly different appearances and cultures. The only things they truly have in common are ears (which they sort of share with trolls, and that aren’t THAT different from the goblins’ either) and the name “elf”.

You can also see it like this: We have two fully human groups (SW and KT), and one undead group, and one kind of worgen. We have two night elfy groups (NE and NB), and two Thalassian groups (blood elves and void elves). Still, that would make high elves a third Thalassian group. That’s still quite a lot, compared to other races.

Some of us clearly really want one. High elves have been the most requested playable race throughout the history of this game. Do we need them? Maybe not. Would they be highly (badum-tss) popular, bring players back, and please a large player base? Evidence seems to point that way.

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Hey guys!

Have you read this post opened yesterday in the US forums?


To sum up, they discuss the possibility of reuniting the High Elves and Blood Elves and making it a neutral race (à la Pandaren). So (some) people are now debating which Alliance race could go neutral in exchange.

I honestly think this is not a bad idea at all, as long as the story is good, and that the race (name it High Elves, name it Blood Elves) includes the High Elves we’ve been talking about throughout the entire thread.

It would also offer interesting plot twists.

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As long as Quel’thalas is in Horde territory - so am I.

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I can’t see it. I can see the Blood Elves just going “Blow it, we’re going neutral” But if they did, and the High Elves rejoined them, then…surely from a game perspective all they are doing is giving Blood Elves the Blue eyed option. They’d still be the dominant strain of the species, and they’re not going to change their name back, so the High Elves would kind of…have to change theirs?

I don’t see that as being a good outcome for High Elf fans, as basically High Elves would cease to exist, you would just have a neutral faction of Blood Elves…

I suppose it depends on whether playing Alliance, or playing High Elf is more important to people, but the problem there is…Well…that would be proving Ion right. If the High Elf model is more important to people than the Faction then… Well, that -is- a Blood Elf.

I’m not sure that’s such a great idea, and that’s not even bringing into it the intense dislike Blood and High Elves have for each other…

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I do think it’s a good idea - remember that all we want is basically two things:

  1. To play as the exiled (and thus, Alliance) High Elves who did not want to siphon mana from living beings and/or fel.

  2. To be able to play them as an Alliance race.

Currently, there is no race in game that satisfies these two options.

We (or I at least) don’t care much about the rest, as long as there is a good story behind their inclusion in the Blood Elven society.

(Brigante) #6523

Yes, but what I am saying is that playing them as a Neutral ‘All Elves’ faction is fulfilling neither of the things you want.
They wouldn’t be Alliance. I mean they wouldn’t be Horde either, but they wouldn’t be Alliance, which seems to be important to a lot of people here?

(Daltor) #6524

The problem with any Alliance race going neutral is that the Horde has seriously wounded a lot of them.
The only one I could foresee is the Gnomes, but even that doesn’t make sense.

(Leinadh) #6525

Ah, I see what you mean. Actually, I was talking from an individualist point of view (my High Elf, not the entire nation).

If there’s a good reason behind the fact that Quel’Thalas is officially neutral, although their citizens can individually decide to support the Alliance or the Horde, I think that would be a great option. That’s my personal view, of course, can’t talk on behalf of the entire pro-HE community.

(Leinadh) #6526

Actually, I can see Night Elves going neutral provided that a series of events happen:

  1. The Alliance continues to ignore NEs, and might even accidentally cause fire to some of their precious forests during the war against Sylvanas’ Horde.
  2. Once Sylvanas is overthrown, a Nature-friendly leader (perhaps a Tauren?) could take Sylvanas’ place and make peace with the NEs, promising never to interfere with their natural surroundings again (which is what ignited the Night Elf vs. Horde conflict).
  3. Effectively, Night Elves would no longer have any reason to fight along the Alliance, and in fact some Night Elves might be interested in participating in this new Horde. I don’t think many Night Elves hate the Horde per se, they hate Sylvanas and her blind armies.

Thus, we would have a similar situation - the Kaldorei as a nation would be ‘neutral’, but each one of the Night Elves could decide to favor either the new Horde or the Alliance.

EDIT: After all and realistically speaking, none of the elf races have ever been interested in international alliances or affairs - they rather be on their own.

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Giving the horde more elves is stupid besides i saw taruan fight dishonourably.

(Seråph) #6528

i’d support the neutral race way

none of the elven races have any particularly strong ties to their faction - only eachother(or in the case of Blood/High elves; Sylvanas).

it makes sense that they’d go where they want

(Daltor) #6529

The mental gymnastics needed for the Nelves to go Horde is even greater than the Belves going Horde.

Since the start, the Horde and it’s member races have been responsible for so many crimes.

  • The desecration and destruction of sacred forests across Kalimdor
  • The destruction of a druid camp filled with children
  • Destruction of Tel’drassil
  • Blighting of Darkshore

Not to mention the Horde is filled with undead and Orcs, two races that the Nelves hate out of principle or pass aggression.
Trolls who have had an axe to grind for years.
Goblins who would destroy every forest on Azeroth given enough gold.

If anything, the Tauren going neutral would make more sense than the Nelves going neutral.

That is the problem, the Horde piss in everyone’s cereal every chance they get. Makes it hard to see any reason of why any Alliance race would go neutral to work/side with the Horde.

(Leinadh) #6530

And yet unfortunately, we already have undead Kaldorei going Horde. :-/

(Azrathel) #6531

Reuniting blood elves and high elves might work if the Horde/Alliance divide is destroyed and/or replaced with something else. But it’s an unlikely scenario at this point.

Stories would have to be stretched and warped a lot for this to work, I believe. I have trouble seeing how any good stories might lead to this.

Blending high and blood elves back together, and THEN dividing them between the Horde and the Alliance, would be the very opposite of the high elves we’ve been talking about.

“Interesting” … I suspect they’d be more confusing and frustrating than interesting.

This is the part of the idea I agree with, as it’s direly needed, but then this follows:

After having had to suffer through the extremely sub par starting area and capitol city for over a decade, updating the zone, just to to hand it over to the Alliance as a new warfront would be a mockery of the blood elf players, insulting beyond anything that’s ever happened in this game. While a part of me would love to see Quel’Thalas as a warfront or a battleground, there’s also the side that would hate to lose Silvermoon as a city. It’s still a hub for blood elf role players, and if Blizzard cares anything about these players, they’ll update the city (fresher graphics, allowing flying, repairing buildings that have been worked on for over a decade, etc.) while keeping it as a capitol city. Yeah, and add a freaking barber shop and transmogrifier - these are blood elves, THE most vain race in-game. It’s ridiculous that these things are lacking.

All in all, I vote that we keep blood elves and high elves separate for as long as the Horde and the Alliance exist as they do now, and update Quel’Thalas. If parts are being made into a warfront, at least let the blood elves keep Silvermoon.

Quel’Danas as a warfront, on the other hand…


And don’t forget Nightborne, who are basically mutated Night Elves. They should have at least been neutral and yet they joined the Horde. Nightborne npcs in Orgrimmar are like flys in a cup of milk, they don’t fit. What we’re asking in this thread is the epitomy of logic, lore-wise and story-wise. Blizzard, however, prioritises faction balance and therefore tramples immersion and lore, whenever they feel like it. It makes me sad, because I still love this game and I’m Alliance to the bone…

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They tried to join the Alliance and Tyrande screwed that up for you.

(Ilyrian) #6534

Absolutley this.

…Let? You’ll have pry it out of our cold, bloody (though sparkly and fabulous) hands.