Question about a piece gear

My prio stats are Intellect -> Crit= versa -> haste = mastery
Is it worth equipping a 226 with 90 mastery over my 220 that has 90 versatility ?

Check Raidbots’ Top Gear feature, it knows better than us.

For resto prioritize intellect over all, for dps spec just use raidbots simulations.

How much intellect do you gain? Mastery and versatility (*) do not scale that much different, especially if you do not consider the damage reduction from versatility. Intelligence does scale very well, though.

Not considering damage reduction and depending on the encounter mastery can even outscale versatility in PvE.

It’s only 5 intellect and I lose 94 versatility for 93 mastery and my current stats are 21% crit , 24% versa and 32% mastery

int: ~1.0
crit: ~0.4
versa: ~0.35 (with DR) / ~0.3 (without DR)
mastery: ~0.3
haste: ~0.25

The item with ilvl 226 is like 0.3 (with DR) / 5.0 (without DR) points better, not taking the extra stamina into account. This is so marginal i would just take the higher itemlevel anyway.

Resto always picks the highest ilvl one (except for trinkets). Dps specs always sim their gear.

I wouldn’t take Haste over Crit for raid healing even if it was slightly higher ilvl, especially in a longer fight where mana is an issue. Also for PvP you obviously force Versatility no matter what.

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