Question about Realm Transfer

I’m considering realm transfering, but i want to know if my progress will in one way or another be reversed. For example if one faction changes, you have to do the foothold quests, unlocking Mechagon and nazjatar ect ect… Does anyone have experience with Realm Transfer and answer this question for me?


Realm Transfer and Faction Change are two very different things, and two separate charges as well.

Realm Transfer won’t do anything to your character. No changes. No loss of quests or progress or items. You just wake up on a different server.

Faction Change has a LOT of effects. You’d want to read, and ask, specifically, rather than just say “etc.” because there are lots of nooks and crannies

@Gráinne: As usual, a very good reply. Just one teenytiny correction. IF his name is reserved on the target realm, he will be subject to a forced name change.

Oh. Aren’t you infomed before the transfer if your name is taken?

Seems a bit rough if you aren’t.

Thank you for the replies. i appreciate it.

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