Question regarding the level squish

So with Shadowlands coming up and its announced level squish.
I couldn’t help but wonder how the level squish wil impact the legacy mount farming and transmog farming.
As of late you can pretty much solo all previous content and farm everything on your own. How will this workout in Shadowlands’s level squish? I tried googling but couldn’t find more details other than implementation and estimated time to level up to max with the squish in place.

I also can’t help but wonder how this will impact previous tier and or item sets?

Will legacy items and content become relevant again?
Will we still be able to solo previous content in order to farm collectibles?
As far as I can tell no one has touched this subject yet, it seems everyone’s too busy worrying about what’s going to be new and not the old.

I probably missed previous topics discussing this question, so it might already have been addressed but I’m genuinely interested in the answer.

I haven’t read anything specifically about Shadowlands, but we’ve been through a squish before (just not a level-squish) and that worked out fine.

I am 100% sure that accommodations will be made this time around as well. Collection-runs in legacy content is a whole meta-game of its own and I hardly think they’ll do something to intentionally damage that.

Both hp/stat level squish MoP and Legion were awful for first 2 to 3 months for legacey raids followed by the stat squish made so many bugs and flaws .

They have said in blizzcon that raids up to Legion and some BFA will be soloable but we will have to wait and see .
It took until 2019 for them to sort problems out after the scaling in 7.3.5 so sorry it went far from fine.

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None of that was intentional… which was my point.

as far as i know there will be no difference than to what its now. iirc there will be some sort of chromie-time travel which puts you back in legacy mode. old raids will scale accordingly and you ll still be able to farm them as usual.

feel free to correct me though i might be mixing things up.

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Should help you some .


lol “worked out fine” it really didnt and its still not completely fixed

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What were you able to do before the squish that you now are unable to?

What isnt working?

The intention is for nothing to change. You will still be able to run through old raids to gather transmog etc just like now.

Basically once you hit 50 the zone you are in is scaled back to a percentage of that 50, according to which expansion it is.

I’m wondering how using transmogs is going to work. For example reaching level 98 to use Legion mogs, 110 for BFA… 80 for Wrath stuff… like, that won’t be possible anymore.

So is everything going to be moggable at level 1? I’d personally love that.

I think that will be a nightmare, considering you can do any expansion and that means the one item of gear will come at different levels.

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