Quick fix for M+ to blizzard developers

Imagine this you got 1 hour to kill Mythic raid boss in a raid, and if you cant kill it within this hour you cant progress in your mythic raid, that’s how it feels in M+ currently (not mention how negative affixes aren’t interesting as they used to)

I think M+ scoring + depletion mechanics needs overhaul

Here’s a hot take:
What about implementing the scoring system from tourgast in Shadowlands.
You have 2 choices either FULLY clear the dung or finish the dung within the allocated time you got

Reading your badly thought out ideas is like watching the bargaining phase of grief.

If you can’t fail how can you ever enjoy when you “win”?

um no? Lol.

u cant remove the timer, from content that gets its difficulty from the timer lol.

obsession with removing the risk of failure from content isnt healthy.

I agree! Everything that makes m+ less toxic is a very welcoming change. Don’t listen to some masochists here who like the pain and torture the current depletion mechanic is causing.

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