Race Change BloodElf -> zandalar reset reputation


hi, i race changed my Paladin Bloodelf to Zandalari, now i see that my reputation by “The Hand of Vengeance” was reseted from Exalted back to Neutral.
Can you please look into this problem ? :slight_smile:

The Character with the problem is Medro on Blackmoore EU
on wowhead it is still displayed as exalted (can not post links here)


Hey Medro,

Please contact support directly, so they can investigate and help out.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


Ticket, answer From Gamemaster : Please report this again in the game itself as a Bug, if you have not already done so. Unfortunately, I can not do anything directly . The developers will have to investigate this unfortunately first.

So i will Report it again ingame and hope it get fixed soon.

(Augosto) #4

I looked it on my druid he is revered with them and was changed to Zandalari troll
its still the same after the change.
maybe only paladin thing or freak bug