Racing manuscript drop chance nerfed?

Have the dragon appearances from the racing purse by any chance gotten a drop in drop chance?
Or just RNG quirks? I did so many racing WQs on so many alts, not on drop since then. Some kind of stalling in place since one dropped lately?

There are definitely several marked as from racing that I don’t have yet, and also reported as dropping from the racer purse on WoWhead.

Took me weeks of constant running to get one, then another dropped within a day. I think it’s just really random.

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Drop chance must be 5% or less now.

That’s kinda high.

I had em all from doing it on my alts.

You can do it on army of lvl 60 alts, some eazy gold+ you get manuscripts in no time.

Did you pick certain track modes or do them on certain drakes? Because I checked all that drop from racing and I got all for Cliffside and Highland but of the other two that I never use except when the game somehow autoselects a different tone, I only got one so far.
After 10 or so alts with not a single drop, I am trying that strategy now.
The purse is one item, but the contents could be affected by it.
I do not assume that racing times matter, but can’t exclude it.

I used highland drake and normal course for all, i don’t think it matters.

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Vexing, though, that the first one that drops after so many tries now is Proto-Drake after now riding only that one.
Of course it could still be chance since I needed 2 Proto and 1 Veloci.
So your info is helpful.
Imagine how long it must take for people without alts. (Unless there is a tweak for that.)

From my experience it’s one per character per WQ reset.

I just had the last two drop in short succession - not same char, though.
I did reverse courses and used other drakes, though.

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