Raid Tuning Coming 22 June

We’ve heard feedback that several encounters in Sepulcher of the First Ones would benefit from adjustments, as they’re too difficult due to punishing mechanics, and we want to further reduce the likelihood that those mechanics can quickly cause an unrecoverable wipe.

We’ve also send feedback that the Lihuvim encounter was too constrained due to the difficulty of some of the Automa, so we want to make adjustments to open the possibility of different strategies to players. At this time, we plan to make the following adjustments with scheduled weekly maintenance on 22 June:

Sepulcher of the First Ones

  • Lihuvim
    • Lihuvim health reduced by 15% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Resonance Cascade damage reduced by 90% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Increased the cooldown of Guardian Automa’s Form Sentry Automa on Mythic difficulty.
  • Halondrus
    • Aftershock damage reduced by 75% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Planet Cracker Beam damage reduced by 65% and its damage occurs less frequently on Mythic difficulty.
  • Anduin Wrynn
    • Hopelessness and Overconfidence duration increased to 16 seconds on all difficulties (was 12 seconds).
    • Blasphemy will no longer be triggered when coming in contact with an unmarked player on Mythic difficulty. The tooltip will reflect this change in a future patch.
    • March of the Damned damage reduced by 75% on all difficulties.
    • Soul Explosion damage and travel speed reduced by 30% on all difficulties.
    • Banish Soul cast time increased to 16 seconds on Mythic difficulty (was 12 seconds).
    • Necrotic Detonation cast time increased by 30% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Rygelon
    • Dark Eclipse now targets 3 players on Mythic difficulty (was 4).
    • Unstable Matter health reduced by 25% on Mythic difficulty.
  • The Jailer
    The original post has been updated to reflect that we intend to include the following additional changes:

The Jailer

  • Jailer melee damage reduced by 25% on all difficulties.
  • Torment damage reduced by 30% on all difficulties.
  • Unholy Eruption damage reduced by 30% on all difficulties.
  • Rune of Compulsion absorb reduced by 30% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Chain Breaker now targets the nearest 3 allies on Mythic difficulty (was 4).
  • Incarnation of Torment health reduced by 20% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Diverted Life Shield reduced by 75% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Chains of Anguish will no longer reposition linked targets when the primary target moves out of range on Mythic difficulty.

4 months into the raid only 200 guilds have killed the last mythic boss.

These nerfs seem like a hail mary because participation is garbage. It seems to me like you have some rethinking to do about raiding in general, this is just a sticking plaster solution.


Its quite simple, they overdid it massively early on and they let people wait to clear heroic for a week. So everyone went progging heroic and went into mythic a week late. Then mythic was uber overtuned and people got fed up, guilds disbanded… and now we’re here.

I mean anyone with a little sense could have seen this coming from a mile away.
Yes, we like tough fights. But that tuning to the top 0.1% of players is unreasonable is something that even the most argumentative and disagreeable players understood.


Next time maybe don’t release an overtuned raid so you don’t have to keep nerfing it 4 months into the patch because no one is clearing it


Guess end of Summer is not going to be September, but more like July/ August at this point …

It would be nice to know that you guys spend 99% effort developing endgame content, BEFORE I wasted so much time on content that has absolutely 0% gameplay.

Even the last 3 in HC are overtuned imo.


I don’t think anything is overtuned anymore, if anything its gutted as hell now. Either way personally I take issue with the very many changes made after the raid went live. Not necessarily with the state itself

Was it really worth killing whatever little raiding scene there was left just to let 2 top guilds have a 2 week race?


90%, 65%, 30% omeganerfs.
I feel more like asking the question …why it was released so hard in the first place? Whats the point? I mean…halondrus was nerfed like 150 times same fo anduin rygelon and jailer…

Like how can you release something that later needs a 90% damage nerf…wtf.


Imagine having to apply that huge list of nerfs to your most difficult version. The version that was actually created to be hard and only for a small percentage of the playerbase.

Imagine if all that time and effort to appease a small percentage of the playerbase was used to do things that the majority could enjoy. If only the devs would stop catering to the elite. If only.


I somewhat think partipation in raiding died mostly because of prerequisites rather than raiding itself. Still, pulling a boss 250 times to then kill it in 10 pulls after a nerf quite feels bad. That’s why I’ve made this meme : It didn’t feel great to kill the crab since I’ve just spent 10 wipes rather than 150, which most of my guild mates went through.

There is no point in making bosses so hard to then keep nerfing them to the ground the way they are.

Is it soloable now?


It makes me wonder why they don’t just tuned the Raids like this at the start to make the game more accessible to the general player base.


Sadly for your argument, raiding team has nothing to do with content team. Said team dedicated to create content has been stolen by borrowed power teams, since borrowed powers are intended casual content. That’s choosing the wrong target for your specific problem.

They should stop desining around guilds that are treating raiding as a job. I mean, most of guilds would spend 9 hours raiding per week, which is half of what the top 0.1% would spend within the span of a day.

Every time blizzard tries to slow RWF guilds they’re failling at their prime goal while making it bad for the general playerbase. Andy being nerfed 22 kinda means it was too hard in the first place.


I guess they want to push S4 forward.

That will be a real disaster… No reason to raid or anything at all, just waiting for 10.0

It really is. They should design the game around being fun for the majority of players rather than just a few.

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Seems to be the first raid since emerald nightmare my guild is not able to finish on heroic. I took my desision already before this tier. I am not raiding. Sanctum also took almost 8 months too. It is just too difficult since SL. It is not fun anymore.

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They do it so that the raid appears challenging and “hard” during the World first race.

They don’t want it just falling over and getting cleared in a single raid night.

I do agree that tuning the raid just so 2-4 guild can have a race for a week or two is very dumb.

But that’s just the world we live in currently.

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Well it is…to make content hard enough that only 2-5 guild that can afford to borrow and spent close to a billion gold for a single raid tier and spent 17h/day in the game for two weeks to then scratch your head that 90% of the playerbase doesnt even try or bother with said content…

For example to me normal Anduin prenerfs was, for its place in the raid and “normal” difficulty, the most riddiculous and overtuned :poop: ive ever seen on any difficulty any raid tier ive had the chance to progress…like how can anyone release it in such state and call it “we were overal satisfied how this tier played out”?

And then every two weeks roll out omeganerfs to the ground for the same boses over and over…Wanna make a superchallenge? Sure…make it for a weeek or two and then tune it so even the mortal players can do it eventualy. …This aproach is burying the raid scene imho. Nyalotha was way better in this regard.