Raiding Expectations for the Festive Period

With the reveal at BlizzCon of the upcoming Shadowlands expansion, we’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the schedule for the previously announced Visions of N’Zoth content update. To that end, we want to share that Visions of N’Zoth and the raid—Ny’alotha, The Waking City—will go live early next year.

Visions of N’Zoth is making good progress on the PTR, and currently with your help, we have been comprehensively testing the new content along with iterating on new systems like Corruption.

During the festive period, we want to be considerate of all our players with the release timing of new content. Many guilds are still progressing through The Eternal Palace, and we want to give them enough time to finish the raid and earn their Cutting Edge: Queen Azshara and Ahead of the Curve achievements before opening the new raid. We try to avoid releasing new content tiers during the festive period so that players are not encouraged to choose between progression and spending time with their families and friends. This also helps ensure us that we’re fully staffed to support any required hotfixes or turning issues that may emerge.

This will also give everyone extra time to enjoy the WoW 15th Anniversary event starting today, so you can play through the limited-time Memories of Azeroth raids and Korrak’s Revenge without having to rush through the festivities.

We’ll have more info on the new raid and content update in the next few weeks, so stay tuned to the forums and for the latest news as we head into the festive period!


Well… the Birthday Event Raid is so cutted down for LFR… it makes 0 FUN…
And Alterac… with 80% of the faction AFKing in the Mines for the quests… WELL ALSO 0 FUN
No Reason to Play everything more then once…
RiP Abo till 8.3 see you 2020


Why no 8.3 without the raid? It’d be nothing new. Release the allied races and DKs, but keep the raid back till 2020.


Glad the raid is being delayed, it was always a pain when a new one released over Christmas, though it did let us sneak out a realm first back in Legion.

Not sure there’s a need to delay the non-raid content though, and the anniversary event seems depressingly easy, so has no longevity or replay value to it.
As much as I can understand wanting to let everyone experience it, I’m not sure what value it brings if the experience is practically on par with just going back to the raid at max level and waltzing through it.


How about releasing the patch early December and leaving the raid for mid January just like you did with BoD last year so that the more hardcore players have something new to do instead doing the same snooz fest for another 2 months at a minimum?


I understand to not release the raid until new year but not for the allied races. I’m waiting for Vulpera and Mecha-gnomes to level and christmas is a good time for this.
I pre-order Shadowlands but we need to wait until 2020 for DKs. Doesn’t sound very well.


+1 This. I’ve been neck level 70 since mid september, did all the 8.2.5 content and have basically been raid logging for the past month.

This. Please release the new allied races sooner :frowning:

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Blizzard really doesn’t want to add all the 8.3 racechange earnings to the 2019 year report :joy:.


It’s really, REALLY disappointing that people have pre-ordered Shadowlands for the DK allied races only to have to wait till after the holidays, that and a lot of people are looking forwards to Vulpera and Mechagnomes.

Delay the raid like normal to January, heck, maybe even February but release 8.3 in Dec if it’s good to go, I just want the new Allied races and the new content, it’s a bit of a drought right now.

My sub runs out in Dec also so I might let it lapse till 8.3 is released properly.

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Actually quite happy about this decision - I will use the Anniversary exp bonus to level my remaining alts which are in the 110 - 120 range and start 6 allied races characters.

Waiting an extra month to start my Vulpera is not too much of a problem with all that there is to do with the current ones.

I was so hyped about Nightborne DK that I did the entire suramar storyline, insurrection and the rep grind in about 3 days. Makes me sad that I have to wait until January.

I might level an Ally with the exp bonus to do some OP night elf M+ though

From the production end, we want to give people content as quickly as they can. People are hungry for Classic, they’re hungry for Rise of Azshara.

We also have operational concerns–the operations team is responsible for deploying a lot of this stuff. Deploying things on the same day would be irresponsible for them. But we want to make sure we can give you the content as soon as we possibly can.

We choose our release dates strategically to make sure the burden on the team is reasonable, and that the content cadence makes players hungry for more…while still getting it.

So phase 3 in December?

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