Rampant fomo lately

Anyone notice how they are going crazy with fomo since DF?
Apart from standard seasonal stuff, you have twich drops, amazon prime stuff, now Diablo event with a free mount they were selling for a “limited time” five months ago, trading post is obvious fomo to make you log in every month or miss out on cool stuff. Now they are selling some set that is going away “indefinitely”.
If you are into collecting which I assume most players are well good luck with having a life.
WoW wasn’t full of these manipulative tactics in the past and was far more popular, it did let you take a break without fear of missing out much. Now there is a limited thing monthly, like a rat in a lab getting a brain stimulation from time to time for pressing a pedal.
What is going on?


I’d say that the Trading Post is a better form of FOMO than others. The stuff will eventually come back around.


Except that we don’t know how long or if things rotate back.

If that is the case then great, but a lot of other things are either going away forever or they are jebaiting people in the shop to buy “limited” time stuff. They are even removing items from the shop to create a sense of urgency.
Buy now or maybe never have it.

The twitch stuff are mostly old FOMO that was brought back for a limited time.

Still a manipulative tactic, you can’t just forget about WoW for a few months unless FOMO doesn’t bother you at all. They make you keep track of quite a number of limited time events. If you play the game for a long time you have probably invested a lot of time into collecting items they removed.
I honestly feel like a hamster on a wheel, anyone up for creating a support group for WoW addicts? This is getting out of hand.


As a full grown adult, it is your responsibility to be aware of those tactics and not let yourself get tricked.


It’s only FOMO if you can’t handle it :smiley:

A lot of crack addicts are adult. I think I’ll go to rehab to be able to ignore Blizzard crack.

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Aye, that’s still a bit of a git move, I won’t attempt to defend that.

I’ve got nothing against content that requires effort having FOMO rewards for being there at the time. They need people to play the game now and its better than the old method of forced grinds.

When its stuff in the shop going FOMO, I agree, its rather scummy.

I myself am away to the homeland to see the family this weekend, so I’ll be missing a bit of the D4 event. At least its on til the 14th, but I do understand the feeling or worry that I might not get the mount, pet or backpack cosmetic!

I never understood why they need to remove things at all. They just need to keep it as challenging. Even that is scummy to me and not fair to people who start playing later. The game should be good enough to keep players interest on it’s own.
I kinda let that one go but what is happening now is insane.

Irresponsible ones.

they remove to make people who did that content ‘‘special’’ it’s not about new players. also most of the stuff that comes from prime and drops are ugly old textured stuff anyway but i know the fomo.
trading post on the other hand, probably helps a lot with keeping many people subbed

To me it’s just scummy. No reason not to add a gladiator saddle or m+ saddle, heroic raid saddle and if there is a mount from there and gear tokens. Once you earn current reward you should be able to get saddles on alts at least. You’d still need to put in the time and skill to get whatever rating is required. That way they would award your merit always, and not condition you to play now.
But since the game is not as good as before they will never do that. They need them numbers.
I for one have almost all mage tower weapons and feel sad for people who started playing late.

They need to skew those numbers or MS might have a change of heart. I know that if it was my transaction and I saw an expansion perma on sale, I would be worried.

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I doubt most players are collectors, think it is very small minority. However we feel, it is mostly our social circle which makes us think differently.
Competitive pvp or m+ players will think everyone is like them since they are part of that socail circle. Same goes for any activity and subculture.

Even if you are not Xirev or Anniefuchsia with 100% complete on almost everything, if you are playing for a long time continiously, you must be attached to your account, you might have missed something before and dread it. They know people don’t wanna miss out, that’s why they are doing it.

Businesses are allowed to promote themselves.

In-game cosmetics are a fun little token, but they don’t have any affect not the game play itself. That is why they’re used to promote the game.

You should explain such slang terms.
FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out.

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I’m sorry but cosmetics are a big part of WoW, you’d be in denial for thinking otherwise.
From the inception of WoW everyone wanted the cool looking stuff.
The difference? Back then most things were not removed. Since MoP they began a fomo trend, they put cool looking stuff on a timer because they know people want it.
It’s simple manipulation to keep you playing and thus paying.