Random BG - join as group / faction choice


Together with 2 friends I want to start with WoW again. Mostly we want to play random BG.
Is it still possible to join a random bg with a party of 3 players?

Any suggestions regarding faction choice (EU-ENG)? Does the horde still have the better BG-playerbase or is it the same on both sides?

Is it still possible to play on the alliance side as horde via the mercenary mode?

Thank you for any information!

You can play with up to 5 people in your group.

For faction, I’d say play whatever faction you prefer. In my experience, games balance out to approx 50% w/l, but there may be varying subjective perspectives on that.

Mercenary mode is still active as far as I know, but I believe it switches its availability to the less dominant faction.

I always find it odd when people ask which class/spec/race or faction to play, as though winning 99% of games in a specific class/faction you may dislike is somehow worth it. But you do you :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is bugg and both factions can use it.

ty for the tip!

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