Random Epic BG'S

Does anybody here truly enjoy Epic BG’s? I’m just wondering.

No I don’t.

i can enjoy Alterac, the longer and harder battles get, the more i can enjoy. and i really loved Korraks Revenge during the first weeks, when battles lastet 1-3 hours.
I also can enjoy Ashran(but i prefer Ashran Classic) and Tarrens Mill vs Southshore.

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No they are far from ‘epic’ cough who ever came up with this name should be fired.

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enjoying epic bgs ?? HELL NO the fps instantly drop to depth of hell and its hella too much chaos to be fun , its all boil down to this

1- 40 vs 40 face to face and each member cluster with other members

2- DH johnny jump in middle start doing little bit dps then fel dash back to his 39 memeber ( good luck killing him or out heal army of healer behind him )

3-james casting spell from safe distance near his 39 teammates but it doesn’t matter since the warrior he is attacking just backpedal 1 meter and now caster james is out of ranged and he can’t risk walk 1 meter toward his team or warrior teammate casters will burst him down

4- and finally everyone afraid to go near each other so they don’t get instantly burst down

and oh did i mention horrible loss of fps ?


No, they take too long. AV is afk fest, IoC machine driving fest, Ashran a range dps fest, Wintergrasp zzZ fest.


You atleast fight people everywhere on the map in AV, it feels way more lively.

I’m actually so happy they separated all those idiotic bg’s which are currently considered as ‘‘epic’’ so i’ll never have to deal with them again. I was leaving immediately the moment i got into any of them before separation , no matter if we were winning :stuck_out_tongue:


no i dont enjoh it keep me from get thet sweet ap also dont want to be bg russian farm group all from same server guild …

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They’re random for you guys? I just get Ashran all the time…

And no, I’m not enjoying it.

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its hell if ur melee…rdps have it easier

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