Random RP, a post for newcomers

There was a post by @Peppy a while ago that is now closed. One thing was said there in the comments that bothers me, and I feel like bringing this up.

So. Nothing died! Tonns of random rp DOES happen all around the realm, just it is not seeing by those who play guild-based rp, for several quite obvious reasons.

So please, @Caitlyn, do not confuse those who might be considering rolling on ZT but reading forums first.

It is an rp server and people do rp here, so please come rp with us, we want you!

That’s all, thanks for your attention. bows

Yes indeed we do want people to come here, to stay here and grow our community, but lying to them is not how to bring people in. Making people join us with expectations set higher than what we can provide seems like a dumb choice to make them stay as soon as they notice that it is a scam.

The fact that you stay IC all the time is admireable, but rpers only interact with you when they see you and usually had no plans to role-play as they run past you. Your experiences does not mean it happens very often outside of guilds, even if you like to tell yourself just that.


Horde Side has been going really well recently, no cap.

The main RP group is going down a new storyline on our way to Naxx and beyond.

Random RP is happening, dots are being connected, characters are being developed. This is why I rolled on an RP server- so much fun :slight_smile:

~ Rushorn, Chieftain of the Gosh Ogar Clan, Druid of the Cenarion Circle.

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I couldn’t agree more Alunda!

While certain peoples RP groups / guilds have died out…new ones have risen to take their place (as is normal practice in Vanilla, Retail and now Classic) all across the server and RP community of Zandalar Tribe!

Its really disappointing to hear people saying that random RP died, it has not, at all :slight_smile:
(& we have been on the server since launch day)

Only recently, my guild, which is specifically for role-players has surpassed 450 members, the largest of its kind in Classic WOW.
Thats just The Royal Expedition, there is also Oathbound, Silverleaf Sentinels, The Blue Banner and The Lions Sword for those looking for an RP guild…and then you can delve into all the smaller communities and groups that aren’t based around a guild :slight_smile:

Its really disingenuous to say its somewhat of a scam or “dumb” to tell people this server has RP for any and all, it really truly does…and we would invite anyone who even has a passing interest in RP to come and give it a shot here :smiley:

You’ll find plenty of people, plots and ongoing storylines, and if you want something thats more specific in terms of RP, to anyone reading this, do not hesitate to contact me, anyone in The Royal Expedition (we have been an RP guild since TBC on the Defias Brotherhood server) Oathbound, Silverleaf Sentinels, Lions Sword etc :slight_smile:

There is almost -NO- random RP on Zandalar tribe. Random RP is not whispering someone “Hey yo, wanna rp some?”, that is staged RP. Same as if you have a friend on your friendlist and decide to place yourself in the same zone and RP there to meet them, then you have staged the RP beforehand to happen.

Random RP for simpletons:

Person A begins to RP in the Eastern Plaguelands and Person B starts to RP in Stranglethorn Vale, they do not know each other at all. Or they do, but don’t intend to run into one another. Regardless of all of this, after 6 hours of RP walking, person A and B will meet in the Wetlands and RP with each other by chance.

Both of these people RP will journey from the south to the north and vice versa. They walk endlessly because that is how it would be on ZT tribe, with very little interaction except some non-rpers laughing at you for being an RPer on ZT


I’ve seen a lot of random RP occur within the Stormwind Trade district, but its very hard to interact with since there tends to be so much clutter with non RPers and people sitting AFK and OOC waiting for raid buffs. As far as for the world and structured plotlines, it seems things have mostly been pushed back to guilds as Caitlyn has said.

Sadly, even guild RP is on the decline atm- thankfully as always- Alliance Free Company is still hosting RP events weekly, lately multiple events per week. If anyone is interested in joining in on any of these events be sure to pm myself [Ahskuh], [Caitlyn], or [Elira] for more details.


Some people see RP as a scripted thing doing /shuffle using Olde English. Me personally I just actually RP my character, reacting to the world and other players.

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That is exactly what I mean when talking about random rp - just “actually playing your character” and that’s how i’ve been always playing this game (for me it’s dumb and pointless to play it any other way, it’s simply boring) and that’s what leads to what Caitlyn describes - different chars start doing their things in different corners of map, then accidentally meet, and there occurs a storyline, that might be then extended for days and months, soaking more people into it.
Though Caitlyn has her point, and i can not disagree, that such players are minority, and their acting drowns in stupid crowd of jumping idiots who didn’t know what kind of server they joined, and brainless trolls who’s imagination is limited to laughing and sit-standing on you with no pants. Sadly that’s true.
However, there ARE tonns of players who DO rp their characters, and those players but not brainless trolls make the server feel alive. My point here is that the random rp is just not seen by those who play that “scripted” (usually guild-based) type of rp, because away from their prescripted “events” they go out of character and become just… jumping raiders, who won’t notice nor interract with “random rpers” and rather spoil the immersion for them.
But those who have ears will hear. So random rp is NOT dead for sure, i run into new rping players everyday and we have lots of fun. And nothing fancy here needed, just roleplay your character and remain consistent.
My pink dream is to log in one day and see the crowd of people, who just walk here and there for hell knows what business, and you don’t have to know them and their stories, but you can approach any of them and see a REAL character with temper and some history behind. And that’s what i do - just being “one from the crowd”, but a real living one. And that’s what I started playing wow for - to forget about real life and find myself in REAL fantasy world. Isn’t that what this server was ment for?
I don’t know how the situation is on other servers, maybe Caitlyn has more to compare with. But I really think that telling people on the forum that our server does not rp - is wrong, and distractive, and simply not true.
I ran into “random rp” in my first 5 minutes on this server. One rogue stole my boots. All IC, all absolutely hilarious. Since then it’s always been like that for me, i’ve never thought about moving to another server, and i’m always surprised to hear from others that there is no rp on ZT. I think those people have a tunneled vision, no offense.

I would not say tons, though there are a few doing this, and it is still a VERY small population of those that do RP on this server. Which still means a very very small number of people, as the RP community is not very large.

I have been in Elwynn Forest for almost 3 hours for two days in a row, I did this with two guildies of mine, we did not encounter -ANYONE- who was rping but us. We walked by the roads and kept an eye out for people but no, people do not just RP like we used to on this server and nobody wished to engage with us because they do not RP.

Hydraxian (Classic) - More dead than ZT from what I have been told by people who rerolled to ZT due to the lack of RP-guilds properly working there.

Argent Dawn (Retail) - Alive and well, kicking with a lot of numbers though even there Random RP has died out quite a bit, it began to truly decay back in Cataclysm or so. It still happens, though far rarer and people mostly go to “rp hubs”.

It has nothing to do with tunnel vision, it is a fact that RP is very scarce on this server. You either find it in guilds that do RP-events regularly to get RP. It is not that I do not want Random RP to be alive, because I truly do, I have many fond memories of encounters through such means back on Argent Dawn throughout all of Wrath of the Lich King. But that does not change the fact it is -UTTERLY- dead on ZT, very rarely can you find someone being IC outside of events.

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Let’s be honest. Random RP is well and truly dead. When I first joined the server I could walk the streets of Stormwind, forests of Elwynn, yellow fields of Westfall or the dark roads of Darkshire and almost 100% get myself into an RP situation. It’s very easy for someone who spends 100% of their time IC or people who are apart of an RP guild to say it’s alive and well. Take it from me, Random RP is deader than my Raiding team. Often I sit IC in the Pig, or wonder areas that use to be popular and nothing. You have your guild events and you have your personal connections, but anything truly “random” has long faded. When I first started playing I would meet a new face everyday and would never have to advertise in LFRP or reach out to people in order to RP. Now? I have to reach out to guilds or Players for even the slightest taste of RP, often their Events clash with my raid days or IRL issues. It’s very very difficult these days to get yourself into an Unscripted situation.

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So I just started playing Classic WoW like 2 days ago as I was getting bored of Retail. I have never RP’d before and really wanted to dive into something I was unfamiliar with! In my first day leveling in Teldrassil. I had 2 different encounters with 2 different people where we done a random RP (Helping eachother out on a quest). It is quite scarce and no-one seems to talk in General chat though.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I dont think random RP is dead like you have discussed. But I would like to know if this realm is helpful with newcomers like myself!


I RP daily in Winterfall slaying these annoying Alliance Rogues. Named Co- co- I can’t remember exactly.


Most of RP on Zandalar Tribe happens inside guilds. World RP was always a rare thing. If you want it to happen - you have to work for it, travel IC and try to engage with other people. You might encounter a lot of trolls or people not interested in it, but when you encounter other who want to talk with you IC - is always great.

If we compare servers - HW probably has more RP in Alliance cities, AD more RP everywhere, ZT shrinking, but still has some RP community and good RP inside guilds.


Summorizing what has been said here and my own experience from the year I’ve been playing this game, I can come to only one conclusion. That may sound offensive to some, but actually my message here is very positive.

Those are responsible for the decay of random rp on this server who ever go out of character and stop rping. They add to the jumping crowd of non-roleplayers and make it impossible to even catch them for some rp. They also don’t see any rp around them for they just jump and rush away. You go out of character - you make the very communication with you impossible.

On the other hand, as a player who remains always in character, no matter what ‘aspects of the game’ I am enjoying at the moment, - I can tell there are always people around who are responsive to rp. The only thing you have to do is… roleplay with them! As Vooji mentioned - if you want it to happen, you have to work for it.

I just disagree with the word ‘work’, for myself it’s never a work but a pleasure - the reason why I decided to roll on an rp server in the first place. Doing stuff out of character seems pointless and boring to me. And I know that’s not only me. Those who want to play out of character and only occasionaly go in character for some dnd stuff - they can actually do it on any other kind of server. An rp server is for this - you play and interract with other people as a character, not as a player behind the monitor. And that makes an exciting adventure, the whole game becomes one neverending rp-event.

Opposed to what some claim here, I can confirm - random rp happens all the time on ZT, I run into people who actually roleplay their characters, literally every day. We may only share a few words or emotes, or have a long conversation that will lead to a new storyline involving more people in the future, or just pass by each other - this way or another the rp happens. The only thing you have to do for getting it - is stop jumping around in-game while complaining about the decay of random rp out-game, and start roleplaying your characters when you log in. That’s simple as it is.

Those who really want some roleplay - they always get it.

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Your statement might be true for someone who often uses hours to only walk around doing nothing, and then getting a few minutes of interraction somewhere between those hours.

Most people do not have the time or patience to spend that much time doing nothing.

Furthermore, making yourself unavailable for any ooc communication does not allow people to decide wether they even wish to interract, in this action they must pick between ignoring you or acting in-character.

In the end you cause people who are not comfortable to teleport their character from Stormwind to Tanaris to have to choose just that.

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