Rant: The Frustrations of Solo Shuffle's rigged MMR System (new retail player and healer main)

Hey guys,

I just wanted to vent my frustration about the MMR system in solo shuffle, which seems intentionally rigged to trap players, especially healers, into endless matches.

As a classic PvP arena enthusiast with 2.2k experience in classic arena, I decided to give retail a chance after hearing all the hype about PvP in Dragonflight. Initially, I found it decent, and I became quite engrossed in playing solo shuffle and honing my skills. I was enjoying the learning process, and once I felt confident, I aimed to reach at least a 2.1k rating.

However, the first frustration arose from the format of solo shuffle, which forces healers to go 3/3 for hundreds of games without gaining any rating. Going 4/2 only yielded minimal MMR gains, while going 2/4 often resulted in a larger rating drop than going 4/2, which was absurd.

After weeks of tirelessly spamming solo queue like a addict, I finally reached 2.1k. I was quite exhausted by the ridiculous system and was considering quitting the game altogether, or at least giving up healing, as I had achieved the milestone of duellist. However, I somehow found the strength to push further and attempt to reach 2.4k.
Same story, endless games and effort and no mmr.

This game is such BS. Iā€™m done with shuffle healing for good.

Good luck, Blizzard, in keeping PvP alive with this system and getting new players to play. PVP will be totally dead soon, if it is not already .


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