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Hey everyone we are Rapscallions and we are looking for a few more people to join us for the next raid tier and beyond. :slight_smile:

Currently we are looking for:

2 Ranged
Cloth Dps or Balance Druid prefered

Our Raid times are:

Wednesday and Sunday 8-10pm Server Time for Heroic

Friday 8-10pm Server Time for Normal runs or other events

About us:

We are a small and welcoming guild and want to maintain a relaxed and fun guild/raid environment. Raiding is our main focus but we do m+ from time to time as well.

Our goal for every raid tier is to clear the Heroic difficulty and aquire the “Ahead of the Curve Achievements”. If our roster allows it we can clear some of the early mythic bosses as well.

If you are interested in joining us leave a message here or contact us via Bnet so we can have a talk.


Looking forward to hear from you :smile:

(H) Mistweaver monk LF m+/raiding guild

I’m very interested. I’ve sent friend requests to the battletags :slight_smile: I’m reachable throughout the day through the app on my phone.
My tag is Aprella##2721


we are still looking for a few more people to join us, updated the classes we are looking for. Of course socials are always welcome. :grinning:

(Alcana) #4

Hey there,
looking only for a few more ranged dps to join us now.
Add us on Bnet if you are interested. :slightly_smiling_face:



We’re currently 9/9 on normal, and 1/9 HC , still looking for some ranged dps!

Kind regards,


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