Rastakhan’s Spirit Missing?!

I am doing the quest to try and return King Rastakhan’s Spirit to his body - I have placed the idol, started talking to Rezan and then my group find kicked in and off to a dungeon I went.
Now I have returned, Rezan is just stood there, Bwonsamedi hasn’t showed up and there is no spirit to take back to the body.
Is there a bug, or have I stuffed up the quest?!

It looks like the timing of the dungeon queue messed up the quest script.

I would suggest you Abandon the quest and pick it up again. Abandoning adn re-taking is a standard way to get around glitches and unexpected events in quests.

You can Abandon the quest by opening itin the log, and hitting the Abandon button at the bottom.

Thank you very much, I was worried abandoning it would mean I could never complete it, so I appreciate your help.
I will give it a go later today and fingers crossed!

You can always Abandon and re-take, at least in principle. I think there are a couple of glitchy cases somewhere in phased cases that may make ity difficult to find the quest again to re-take it, but the devs do expect that people will Abandon quests, and design to make it easy (-ish) to get back on track.

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