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Hello there ! :slight_smile:

There is “new” well “old” Rat Pack guild which transformed into Balkan only guild on the Stormscale-EU , guild is full of balkan well expirienced members which are seeking more members to join their ranks!

At the moment we have 1-2 raids per week, sadly we need to pug few memebers still, but our aim is to get full guild grp for some casual raiding/mythic dungeons and arenas or possibly even RBG.

There is no pressure, only good times, we all understand real life comes first and we welcome that stance!

At the moment we do heroic raid which happens 1-2 per week, depends when people are free, but with more people we will set one or two days which we will be fixated, ofcourse if it will suit all members.

Right now we need a tank ( high prior ) and a few damage dealer classes.

If you’re interested feel free to wisp any “Chuck…” character which is online or basically any member for more info or for an guild invite.

Everybody is welcome, socials, pvpers, raiders, casuals :slight_smile:

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