Rate that name!


sounds like a hunter name 10/10


Indeed you are a man from hell. Your transmog says so. 10/10


I dont mind that name at all. Easy on the eye and ear. But its a dogs name hehe. 8.5/10.


Pretty good for a Warlock, a little weird, but good none the less, I’ll give you an 8/10.


4/10 just because it reminds me too much of logan paul lol

(Vavalgia) #232

Sounds like some one trying to pronounce Morocco after having a few to many :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.



name fit with transmog but class no



More fitting of a boomkin (you are resto atm) but a fun name suited for a druid 9/10

(Lucifera) #235

I win my name is the best
and im very handsome.


(don’t rate my name)
@Ada , you were partial correct , this character was created on Alliance Nordrassil on 2005 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: His original name was Damianos :wink:
Anyway Thanks for the rating :slight_smile:

(Gorazul) #237

6/10 very hordy - i know you didnt want it rated but anyway…


It feels very fitting for an Orc mage. It seems fierce and “rough”. I can hear alliance players yelling “RUN, IT’S GORAZUL!”


Nice and simple, though I think would see it more on a warlock! 9/10

(Arianatar) #240

8/10 not too sure how to even pronounce it. you get points for no accent letters though


Probably too many a’s but sounds like a paladin enough. 9/10.


(don’t rate me)

It’s an African name of a religion, slightly changed, “Macumba”. In Italy we use it as a generic word to say evil magic or curse of shady and sinister origins, when someone casts a Macumba on you, he’s trying to do something bad to you by magical means, most likely. The name in itself is feminine, I changed it to make it sound masculine, you pronounce it with an Italian or African pronunciation :smiley: it would be like the name of a mage from some freaks faire of sorts or circus.


I like it though. It’s like a stage name for your character. He might be known as Arthur Telling or whatever, but when he’s travelling with the Darkmoon Faire and dons his show robes, only THE GREAT MACUMBO remains!


Yea, it’s like you say indeed, stage name is the correct definition!

(Kronokai) #245

You sound like the main attraction at darkmoon faire. 9/10 :yum:


5/10 id give, i know its something draenei say alot so it fits. But i Just dont know what it means else id prolly give higher points