Rate that name!

(Mellisandrae) #63

Doesn’t pronounce correctly because of the accent 5/10


It does sounds like an elf name


It sounds nice and unique but not very troll to my hears. 8/10 as a name but 6/10 as a troll name.


Your name makes me feel weird i my stomach, which is prolly meant that way so 8/10


Not very troll-like, but I certainly like the name 8/10

(Lepanto) #68

Makes me hungry. But I’m on a diet.

Also I love fun names



Sounds like some sort of Italian ready meal. 7/10

(Cedrad) #70

I like it. Simple, easy and seems fitting. 9/10


Doesn’t bring any feelings to me. Solid RP name I guess. 7/10.


When I see your name I read Slimy :joy: So 10/10 to awake mine Dyslexia :rofl:


Cool name @Oxine
I have no idea what it means and it sounds as if its a female name but cool.

7/10 because I am too dull to understand it :slight_smile:


It should be Oxygen - Glory to mine allergies. :joy: So I pick something classie , fancy xD And ye it is female name because I m female lol :joy:

Btw… Cool name 9/10 It would be 10 of 10 if you was undead.


7/10 it would of been 10 if you were warlock, shadow priests are wannabes :wink: hehe.


8/10, makes me think of smelly fish, especially when added to those tentacles.


8/10 Doesn’t fit that much Pandaren, still does though

And i like it.


Sounds like a harsh dictator. 10/10, would get ruled by

(Nelox) #79

Seems unique cuz it has grill in it and ur an a cow.

(Waygos) #80

8/10 It does sounds like a cultist name to my ear.

(Danellos) #81

8/10, cool name for a DK!


9/10 I like It :wink::wink::wink: