Rate the Rogue name above you!

(Faeded) #121
8/10 it's truthful.

(Crittolis) #122
7/10, sneaky.

(Doubledown) #123
7/10 i see what you did there. :D

(Fythramar) #124
7/10 Good name for Outlaw, but idk about it fitting to ORC! Sounds fun though! Thumbs up

(Alesxandra) #125
Fits with your race! Pretty good.


(Cheekystab) #126
8/10 y accent.

(Sapchat) #127
pretty good

(Iol) #128
9/10 diggin it

(Shyael) #129
10/10, Best rogue name for when you keep getting 1 buff on RtB..

(bonus points for what you had to go thorugh to get that name)

(Jaqenhqhar) #130
Sounds mysterious. I like it 10/10

(Missevade) #131
Eastern Sounding. very sneaky

(Rektolele) #132
Nice 8/10

(Tuskerini) #133
7/10 sounds cool but I don't like multiple words in a character's name.

(Facechill) #134
5/10 First thought was a walrus, although you are a troll :)

(Skitrulle) #135
Would give u more if ur name was Chillface but - 5/10

(Edgyrogue) #136

(Poisonburst) #137
pretty simple :D 5/10

(Tuskerini) #138
I'd like you go Outlaw or Subtlety with that name! 6/10

(Nønamë) #139
7/10 for being appropriate with race traits and the the -rini suffix, because I love it. Not too menacing for a rogue, tho :D

(Veour) #140
No name to rate... :D neutral note tho 5/10