Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - #3


got a nice shadowblade “feeling”
where you got the swords?



9/10 - perfect colour scheme and very horde and trollish perfect for RP rogue


Really like the colors on the armor, weapons feel a bit off to me. That may be an armory thing tho? My weapons seem to get bugged on the armory.

(Namù) #250

Hello Vanessa.

I suppose I’d change the belt, perhaps the chest but that might be nitpicking since the tabard covers most of it anyway.



Nice operative/ swashbuckler mog, it’s really cool…

My mog? You want it rate it? Muhahahah


Belt and tabard are awesome. Not a big fan of axes on a rogue, but Orcs rather smash then stab sneaky!




Looks like a fine adventurer from Northrend i like it


Fel Troll, different. Liking the mask and daggers mon. I’ll give you a 9 for the hair effort as well

(Raizee) #255

9/10, can’t go wrong with the troll rogue look.


I like it, a solid 9/10!


It’s a nice looking set, matching colors and style pretty good. Maybe could find some better matching boots. Giving it a 6/10 since it doesn’t have any rares (unobtainables) or other creative pieces to make it unique. I still like it though, It’s close to max points I would give for an easy-to-get transmog.


It’s a pretty well-put together transmog, but it looks more like a blend between warrior of Sin’dorei and a fire mage than a rogue. Nonetheless, a sleek look. 8/10.


Very cool and fitting, ready to jump out of hiding for an ambush :slight_smile: 10/10

(Bogghaz) #260

Looks more shaman then rogue, but damn does is look awesome. 9/10


Quite cool considering is a Troll.


Belt doesn’t match.
The red back of the boots is showing and contrasts with the blue of the shoulders.
Despite those two problems, decent outfit.


What an eye. Never noticed the red on the back. Thank you.


Damn sry, i accidentally deleted comment. Anyway i love it 10/10


A very classic Kul Tiran look, and with good reason. It might be a bit overdone but it looks amazing. 8/10.


Simple and all matches, love it. 9/10