Rated BG guild/community?

Me and about 4 friends are looking for a rated BG guild or community to join but I’m struggling to find one.

Anyone know of them please?

Hey there,
Me and 3 friends have just made a guild today looking to get together a nice close-knit RBG group! /w if you’re interested!

Thanks dude. I’ve passed your in-game name onto my friends and will be sending you a message when I get online next :slight_smile:

Hey I never did many rbgs because it’s always difficult to find groups for them, so I don’t have experience. I’m looking for some arena partners aswell and even there I just made some matches in the last bfa season so yeah… there are many things I should learn and improve for sure. I’m just looking for chill people to have fun with and that want to get better, so I’m not looking for a hardcore experience, but I’m a dedicated player. Let me know if I can join you.

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