Rated BG healers setup atm?


Hi. I’d like to push my rbg rating in s2 as a healer. I have rdruid, rsham and disco at 120lvl. Could you please recommend me fun and viable rbg healer?

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R druid and disco.
First for healing the whole team ( if you can go as much mastery as you can since the more HoTs you have runing the more they gonna heal)
And disco becouse its easy healer. All you have to do is put attumnent on your team by plea instant spam and put dots on all enemys and inbetween just shield on cooldown.


Honestly, right now it feels like the only healer people don’t want for RBGs is holy priest. The new dispel talents for Resto Shaman are insanely powerful, and holy paladins are valued as ever for their cooldowns, and now the new shadow damage reduction aura. Disc and MW are probably the strongest picks right now though.

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Noone plays with Rdruids at decent ratings.

OP: if you have to choose between those 3 go for disc. Shaman is a good second.

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Regrettably, only two areas where resto druids appear to be at least on par, or ahead of the curve is 2s (on par), and M+ dungeons (ahead of the curve).

Sure, they can do any content RBGs, raids, 3s, they just have to work twice as hard to be half as good as others. In short, they are less optimal.

Unfortunate, because my main for the past two years has been resto druid, and we have had to endure a combination of undesired changes to outright nerfs, one after the other.

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