Rated PvP Temporarily Closed to Cross-faction Groups

unsubbed untill microsoft takes over and we actually have the service for the premium subscription you ask.


You had MONTHS to develop, test and deploy, you are really ridiculous and playing with all players, shame on you


“expect that the fix is going to take more than a few hours for us to develop, test, and deploy.” - You should have already tested it so you would not falsely advertise the new function/feature. I paid for a service because I wanted to use the advertised funcion in it. I am unable to to do furthermore there isn’t a clear date when will I able to. And on top of that now I cannot even play the game ( I only play it for rated pvp) with my friends whom stayed in horde. So actually my game time is ticking for nothing and I even paid to not be able to play. This is outright a scam. Not the first, not the last.


i took a 1-2 month break, the cross faction got me hyped back and it’s disabled :sob:

Well we will just wait a bit i guess

UPDATE? Come on guys…

UPDATE – 4 June 2:00 CEST

We continue to work on this issue as a top priority, and expect that work on a fix will continue into next week. Because of the nature of rated PvP, bugs can result in an unfair competitive loss, and we want to be extra-cautious in testing our fix.

We will let you know as soon as we’ve finalized the solution to the issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


“we want to be extra-cautious in testing our fix.” - thats why you dropped this patch with full of bugs, and even if you would just test the rated pvp once these bugs would have appear. Anyway where was this “extra-cautious” attitude before the patch?

At least let us revert the faction change so we can play.


same here. I got 3x faction change and can’t play

Great that you work on a fix.

Could you give some information on how money returns regarding this issue will be handled?

Since this now means several days of not been able to play and since no timeline is given a lot of us feel forced to change back to horde to play over the weekend and then change back to alliance again when it’s fixed. Meaning 2 extra factions changes to be able to play the game.


You had enough time to think about this, try to think more about the players and community, with this behavior you lose players every day


There is absolutely no patience nor understanding.
You have years and years of experience, we waited for months for this update, and you ask us patience, like we didn’t wait enough for you to deliver a decent update, there are bugs everywhere, not just with crossfactions, you are fooling everyone here, and you don’t even offer any kind of compensation

And the most funny part is about the extra-cautious thing, like you didn’t have time to be extra-cautious with all those bugs when you had months to prepare it.

Anyway, it’s time for me to cancel my subscription, you push it too far.


Why didn’t you spot this bug during internal testing?

What steps have you implemented to stop similar issues arising in the future?

Gives us some transparency or this post just smells like old bliz, not the improved dontlookhowwetreatourstaff bliz…

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would it be possible to also enable crossfaction for raidfinder? lower playercount content feels okay, but an LFR queue taking an hour during primetime just doesnt feel healthy


More gender diversity? -Yes. Cash awards to Bobby Kotik? -Yes. Strikes? - Yes. Start working at least 30% the way programmers work on pirated servers - No. Stop looking like a jerk - No

you are completely incompetent. If it was my company, I would hire old developers, as well as developers from pirated servers, and fire all mediocrity and idlers. Each update is worse than the previous one, a huge outflow of people. You have huge funds and a lot of staff, but people are waiting for the Lich King, which was in 2009. This is a total failure of the company. The lich king was the pinnacle of this game, since then people are just leaving, you are wasting money and losing players for 13 years in a row) 12 million people played this game and what do we have now? Complete disgrace and failure


can you at least switch of the cross faction in lfg until u fix the bug pls ? its kinda annoying looking trough the others factions groups in lfg if we cant play with them and would also be nice to know how many ally groups there are in qeue insta instead of having to go trough them 1 by 1


I just hope that when microsoft takes over, fires you all, you have to go to work in the mine … clowns


There were times when they did a lot of content in a few months, now they weren’t enough to make cross-faction groups without bugs) And it took them several years to make a poop with dragons) I think it will be the most. the most shameful addon, if only because the video is the most vile and boring. I would not want them sent to the mine, these mediocrity are useless there, I would not even trust them to peel potatoes at McDonald’s


Let me guess, there were reports about this on PTR already and despite that they still released it ? Actually just a wild guess here but wouldn’t be surprised.


I wouldn’t be surprised at this


Any updates? Still cannot play with my friends and its Tuesday already. What kind of compensation will you offer?