Rated Solo Shuffle - Cross-faction?

Dear All,

Is the Rated Solo Shuffle intended to be cross-faction in DF? I can’t seem to find any information about that.
It would make sense, since 2s/3s/RBG are cross-faction as well, and queue times would be significantly lower.
Unrated solo would stay faction locked I guess, as it is today.

Anyone knows? Thank you!:slight_smile:


I don’t know that but I hope it is ^^

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Question, solo shuffle will be be 3v3 only or they implement 2 v2 also?


3v3 only atm :slight_smile:

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I asked this already and I couldnt find any official information about this, however ppl said they are working on fixing this and its supposed to be cross faction in df.

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Indeed, the only information I’ve found so far were a few replies on the forum by players, they said that it’s supposed to be cross-faction as you mentioned (it doesn’t work yet afaik), but I don’t know where did they get it from. I’m unable to post on the beta forums so I can’t ask directly.

The reason I’m interested, because I’m planning to play both factions with friends, and faction locking would have a serious impact on alliance side queue times.

Blizzard doesn’t answer questions on the beta forum, they only use it to collect feedback, announce stuff, and there’s also a “known issue causing crashes” thread which I guess is its own little category.

There’s a lot of questions asked by players on the beta forum, but Blizzard isn’t engaged in discussions. It’s just a one-way street with them using it solely for feedback.

I got beta access a few months ago, but this lack of engagement by Blizzard is really disheartening.

Couldn’t double post, so I edit it:

Someone on reddit happens to know the answer:

“Holinka said in an interview a while back its intended to be cross faction, and i can confirm its “working” on the Beta, although with many bugs that will certainly be fixed, such as nameplates not appearing on teammates of the opposite faction :D”

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