Ratio H : A ?

Anyone know how many is alliance and how many horde characters on server what is ratio o this realm ??? Any Statistic ?

by the looks of it, in the morning hours alliance, by afternoons horde, late night, probably even

Approximately H/A 60%/40%

are you joking
it looks more like 80/20 H/A

in every zone, every evening, it seems 1 alliance for 10 hordes.

40 man horde raids mercilessly farming low-level alliance. Great future “high warlords”.

I can’t wait to leave this server.

Enjoy your 10 hours queue at BGs.

the last 5 days i’m counting the time from searing gorge to mountain with corpse runs (8-10 if you are lucky).It’s about 60/40 but in that disadvantage alliance don’t wanna go out and fight and hordes do and the difference growing bigger… something has to be done, even bg wont solved the problem… it’s population clearly

Im so happy I rerolled on ZT about a motnh ago. Already saw it in october that golemagg will be unplayable.

Still looks 60 H : 40 A or is it worse now?