RDF and gear questions ICC

Hey, im kinda new to wotlk so…

  1. Will RDF be only dungeons from wotlk or can u start use it already at vanilla dungeons >TBC>wotlk (on wotlk server of course) so can i level an alt from like level 13 using RDF.
  2. Do gear reset with new patch launch? like pvp gear , like in retail. Or is it just that a new tier in ICC that drops higher gear thats added.


From the start RDF was for all dungeons, but it wasnt unlocked until level 15.

Gear dont reset, dont think it really did until WoD or maybe at the earliest pandaria.

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Im glad to hear! And thank you for answering, u have a great day my friend.

It should be noted that WotLK is the first expansion where they approach the gear reset though cause ilvls on gear jump massively between raids so it is more or less a full reset every raid tier.

Cataclysm will nullify everything from WotLK if it released and you move on there, even Shadowmourne is replaced by a low level dungeon blue.

i see. So for example joining an ICC raid on normal mode, what GS/gear ilevel will i need? im currently on 4650 gs

But they are not gear resets as they are in later expansions. For example in SL you replaced anything but mythic raid gear within the first day of a new patch from running dungeons. Here you at best get TogC level gear from badges (and the gama dungeons) other than the 5 or so badges per day from the daily dungeon.

That was clearly not the question here, and no you will most likley replace it at about 83-84 as the effect is still going to weigh up for the slightly higher ilvl gear from leveling, once you hit 85 you will for sure replace it with a dungeon blue though

It’s hard to say, I remember people asking for 6k for normal back in the original, so who knows really.

Ideally normal should be doable at around 5k, but you know how classic players are.

I’ve read somewhere that for Gamma dungeons requirement will be ilvl 200, but that it is not final state.

Thats ridiculous, since the requirement for normal heroics was something like 187 back in the day.

It’s 200 on the PTR, I suspect it’ll be the same as the ICC5 mans since that seems to be the baseline they’re aiming for.

I believe that was 219 or so?

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