RDPS (Lock Main) LF Sunday Raiding/Casual Guild

Ahoy people, seasoned player looking for a new home for DF. Due to work/life balance I’m looking for a NM/HC guild that raids on Sundays (Could do with another week day as long as raid time is from 21.30 ST onward). Guilds that do social NM/HC Sunday runs are fine as well. After years of Mythic prog my aim would be to just enjoy the raid/m+ environment with a group of nice people, I’ve basically pugged almost the entirety of SL and while it was doable for getting some nice M+ rating, raiding on the other hand isn’t as enjoyable as it can be when played with a guild.
I know the requested days/time slots aren’t easy to find but I guess it’s worth a shot, feel free to add me on Bnet @ Lyfe#21822 or leave a comment down below. Thanks and have a great time!

Hey there, looking for pretty much the same thing! If you find anything please do let me know. If I see it’s too hard to find a guild that fulfills these needs, I may create my own one and call it a day

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