Re-roll your key outside of dungeons

Can you do this? It’s pretty difficult to run your own key when your own key you got given from the vault is a lower kara

No you cant, although on fortified week lower kara should be oki

Well that’s a bummer, and no it’s not worth the mental torture of doing it through LFG

I got a +15 lower kara to enjoy tonight haha :smile:

Last week in the vault, i got a Lower 20 on my lock, lower 18 on my hunter and yes you guessed it a lower on my Rogue. To my big surprise, I managed to pug and time my 20 on my lock, making me believe that the same can be archived with the other two :slight_smile:

It is doable with the nerfs. Bonus info; in the 20 we actually boosted a warrior (it was his alt and he was experienced but had only done 2 15 before ours )

Honestly, after all the nerfs, the dungeon is very easy, did 20 +2 (only pugging), Opera got absolutely nerf smashed, Garrote deals nothing on Fortified and Shared Suffering can be soloed by tank. Other than that, the only thing that can wipe you in Fortified Lower Kara is: Not-interrupted attendants and trash before Attumen.

Its quite doable lowet kara atm next week i am afraid off necrotic will be a pain.

I got a 21 upper since Thursday and It’ll stay there untill reset tomorrow…
Ain’t nobody even applying on my key if I post it :rofl:

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