Realm down


Server on classic is down already so many people haha :smiley:



Why us?


RIP lol well I got to level 3…


i only got 10 mins then server down haha :smiley:


Quitting is for the weak :).


i cant get in at all :confused:


Same. Strap yourselves in, we’re in it for the long haul.


i think bfa is the one for now, its gonna take blizzard some hours to get everything smooth


I made it to Wetlands on my Dwarf

(Brewny) #10

I can log in to every server apart from this one :frowning_face:


Rishii, I think we talked in game , in regards to the the tiger mount :stuck_out_tongue:


Hang on to this server guys. Bad starts have good endings. Its a story to say to our grandchildren when they will be living the past again.

omg… just understood… this is a time machine? we travelled back and the Matrix glitches :stuck_out_tongue: