Realmwide PvP Events

Since this server isn’t a PvP server but I believe that many people do want to play PvP even before the battlegrounds. So how about a zone, day and time. A weekly PvP zerg-event Horde vs Alliance. If we were to start doing some roaming skirmishing PvP it doesn’t work the same as on PvP servers since most of the people will be running as pvp turned off. I know nearly no-one reads the realm forums, but informing your guildmates etc, so that we can have a good PvP fest even on a PvE server.

For example Friday nights 18.00 server time for the start or something like that.

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I will be up for some PvP events once I reach 60 first im leveling slow. But definitely we should be arranging things to make the server more interesting.

Count me in add me on friend list

Hillsbrad is where its at. Horde fear me!

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