Reasons to play holy paladin in 2s

Absolutely 0 lol

Never seen a healing class this bad in any bracket, Played about 50 games and wated to gouge out my eye balls. If any priest has even the slightest clue of how to play he is going to roll you with next to no effort. Do yourself a favor and play 3s or another healer.

Brb gonna try and l2p druid instead


Ye, i heard worgen druid is bis

Better than hpala on any race for sure.


Have you tried shouting “BIG DAM JUDGE” when helping your teammate pump the enemys down? This increases your dmg by 50% as Hpal and 100% your fun of playing it

Source: our favorite r1 hpal gamer from NA

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Nah but i use to play a fem dorf and /roared when bursting. Pretty funny noise ngl

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Bringing back the infusion proc cast time on Holy Light would help a considerable amount imo. The class feels so extremely dull and clunky without it.

I’d love an explanation as to why it was even removed.

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According to NA it’s 2nd best healer in 3s but I also think R Druid is better. NA feels sometimes like they play different game.


On my hpala, I decided to grind some 2s after whole season of not playing pvp.

Queued solo shuffle to warm up,stumbled upon rdrduid,war,ww monk,got locked out of everything for good 20 seconds.

Politelly waited shuffle to finish,deleted pvp gear to prevent myself from ever stepping into arena.Saved myself few keyboards,nerves and i slept like baby.


If you want to play a healer paladin, better go with necro prot pally with magistrate lego. Watch some twitch vods Drainerx has. But you are very limited in set ups (need fury warrior mostly with imp victory).

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NA is a bit different universe in general. Dont mind them.

Feels like paladin design is just all over the place and kinda bad. Most talents “Fix” the spec rather than building on top of it… + all conduits suck.

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I dont think that holy pally is so bad, it’s just that holy priests made pally feel like the absolute budget version of it and also nothing you can do really to avoid holy priest cc.

Imo the biggest issue is that the current playstyle is quite unfun.


Often has to do with what kind of meta you form. A lot of specs aren’t as awful as some people like to make them out to be.

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Absolutely agree with this.

Hpala went from best to worst this expansion. We’re a joke.


This is quite long guide by Reece in 2s from the last season. Maybe it’s worth watching. I don’t believe it’s that bad but people have hard time to adapt to the new playstyle and stat priority.

Just feels like a worse priest right now in my opinion. I just hope they get some love in Dragonflight. Holy Pala is one of my favourite specs in the game. Or at least it was.

Fingers crossed for Dragonflight :frowning:

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Its nice to see us mistweavers are not alone in our struggles in 2v2 at least. We have some company at the bottom of the healer ladder now :slight_smile:

And here I thought getting back into the game to play hpal would be fun ><

They are playable in 3s, but really bad in 2s.

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