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Hello, before the change to recruit-a-friend, my girlfriend had bought the warchest and then one month of sub. From this I gained a free month, the first reward you get from recruiting someone. She has now, months later, decided to resub again. However with the new changes, technically I suppose this is her second subscription… So where does this leave me? Will I be getting another month of subscription for free? Will I be able to pick a mount or pet, like I would in the old system? Or will I only get these rewards if she subs a third time?

(Shammoz) #2

Well it won’t be another month free, but it should be the choice of pet or mount. I believe (I use that word loosely) that your RAF link is to the old version of it and therefore the old triggers for rewards apply.

Keep in mind, it is an 8 day delay between the payment for the sub and your reward being claimable.


Guess I’ll find out either way, thanks


Hello Deadkonation,

Shammoz is right, after the mentioned wait period, you should be able to claim a mount as a reward.

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What’s your opinion?


Excellent, thank you very much