Redesign treants suggestions

My suggestion would be make them similar to a monks storm, earth and fire - whereby they copy what the monk does.

This means the druid has to cast or at least do something to make the most out of them, instead of mindless running around whilst Woody heals for them, coming 1st or 2nd in their healing done

Any thoughts on what they should do - not asking for it to be removed but defo needs a rethink imo

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treants fits the rdruid idea of “on-going-healing”.
so no. keep it as it is.
thats their strength, and they get a nice cool talent to help them in that aspect.

just reduce the output from them a bit

im pro healers dude. anything that keeps me alive against the unhealable zugzug yes pls.

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agree actually, id be fine with the output being less but them remaining the same - i think they do 30k-40k per cast/treant but could be wrong

next season will make it weird when the treants start to also cleave with the nourish, will impact shuffle and 3s even more with this bot like healing, and in 2s theres nothing but druid already anyways

not a fan of this design when the druids just run around pillar when his some fury sits on enemy healer all game and the 500k treants are like heal bots mid map for him meanwhile, play any other healer than rdruid and you hate every rdruid matchup you face, its the most brain dead gameplay ever in pvp

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Redesign? You’re too generous.

Remove it from the game!!

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Check PTR. Treant healing is nerfed and it’s transferred to the Druid

when you say transferred to the druid, do you mean the treants only heal the druid? apologies may of misread

Nah. Druid heals more and treants less.

got ya! thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

its about 17-20% of druid overal right now so same as rsham healing stream, 10.2 they shift healing more to druid but set also makes treants cleave so i dont think there is big difference on their overal output

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