Refund for the expansion

Im refunding the game , these nerfs are way over the top for DKs
I was hoping to main DK this expansion, as it has been many years since the class was any fun but im just not onboard with these practices anymore.
Gaslighting people so hard every expansion
Cross your fingers for me , that it goes through!


the arena season didnt even start ur not even 70? also dk is able to play herocleave/mwmonk ? bruv just fotm roll to smth else if thats so importand to u

Cervantes is that you?



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if you’ve played more than 2 hours you can’t refund it.


dk players always cry the loudest on the forums its hilarious


idk about you, but I haven’t seen a lot of DK players on the forum in quite a long time. At least not on this part of the forum.


I dont need to see the start of the season to know where things are going with the class
I just dont want to torture myself with this here , i might be back again if they change the approach to class balancing but as it stands right now DK will be beyond useless with the upcoming nerfs to it , yes i can then switch to another class and it will also get gutted , its just to much!
Its not about crying , its about the class getting completly gutted
Well 50 euros out the window there but atleast i can stop supporting the game each month now , ill go out and find some bottles for recycling outside and get the money back that way and atleast ill do some good for the enviroment.


why is dk useless? hero cleave still gonna be S Tier?

Might be or not…
I can then go around there and be a chains dispenser…
The nerf is making DS heal for 4% of max hp , its 12% of the dmg in the last 5 sec’s
If i want to heal myself now , i have to talent into bloodpact but that gives me heal absorption shield of 30% max hp , that means i have to press DS 7.5 times before i can get it of myself before the nerfs , it was around 2.5 times , that is a crazy nerf no matter what anyone says.
Hope im correct in that assumption , so outside rated content where i have a heal in my back at all times , DK will not be able to function in any form of pvp.
Im rather sure that DK will be the top kill target at any time whenever there is a melee that mostly does physical dmg…or maybe just at all times no matter what.


how about u get a healer to heal ur self? dk CC and DMG is still very good u all pretend like ur no beyond useless while hero cleave still gonna be very good?

Also mw/dk in 2s gonna be very good? dk has a big toolkit and ur whining lol

100% sure this post from u will not age well at 14.12.2022

but btw u know that DK was always weak vs meeles? thats like ur class identity? like kinda rock paper scissor? its completly normal that warrior/ferals chunk u?

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I know that they have always been weak to melee but this here what they are doing now is just setting DK up for failure.
May i ask you a question then? what class are you going to play when the season starts?
Its gonna be DK right , right? You praise it so much as being S-tier that i would really like to see you play it then…
And where do you even get that these comps will be that good? The beta or? cause that would mean that was the unnerfed version of DK.
Could someone please make me that anakin and padme meme for this guy here , with it saying " You are going to play DK , right , right?" , im an old fart , i dont know how to do it.


mw monk

but regardless i will play anyway all classes for the mog specially since lvling takes now a few hours same goes for pvp gearing

But as i said since i play 3s Herocleave aint a Problem since DH and MW Monk are kinda GodTier so obv herocleave will be good the blind is very strong now as setup

But on balance druid i am kinda unsure now since they dont feel good maybe i transform it into an rdruid or feral idk yet some boomies hit hard my one doesnt

What i am more worried is that PvE Gear how much these Crafted Proccs will affect PvP cuz i can iamgine it will become BiS to put as many Effects as possible on ur Offsets

Alrighty then , the blind for dk is cool and all but dh’s got the same? and i dont even think it breaks on dmg - im all into that the classes need to feel different from each other but you can’t have a class that is supposed to able to heal themselves up again and not being able to in any shape or form
Why do i have that button then , i might aswell leave it in the spellbook
I would have been alright with them nerfing AMS - Will of Necro and even Spellwarden but this here puts DK back to zero , we wont be able to sustain ourselves even in a 1v1 now , i know the game isnt balanced around that but you truly can only say that Arms warrior got worse healing then DK , every other class is able sustain themselves in some way or form
Then they should just gut every healing aspect of every dps class so we can only get healed by a dedicated healer.
Ill make you a bet if you want to , ill give you 50k gold if the class works perfect when the season starts and there isnt a big outcry to buff it again , only thing you wager is braging rights about being right then and ill take my words back , even give you my apologies for being a doomsayer , i will reactivate my subscription and you can come claim the reward here in this thread , im not kidding , bet?

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i dont have 50k gold xd i am poorasf

if we talk about a 3v3 perspective dk will be fine since it has a good Toolkit and has the option to play with an DH or SP and also a MWMonk

in 2v2 i have no clue but 2v2 lets be real is anyway the FOTM Ladder so even if u play a A/B Tier Class u will have a hard time after 2,2k

That would be Warriors or Demon Hunters…


While I do believe that the Death Strike nerf is a bit heavy and should have been around 30-35% max, I don’t think DK is gonna be bad because of this, unless the arena meta is gonna be warrior or jungle every single game. Dk still deals some srs damage and the tier set bonus is also strong, so… maybe wait for the ssn to start before complaining? Also appaerently there are more nerfs coming to other classes aswell, before next week’s reset, so maybe they will nerf other selfheals aswell and it will be “balanced”, we will see.

Well dk is bad because of this, so you were wrong

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Didn’t they say it will happen with the reset next week?

Around 10-11 weeks left from now until pvpers will get their 4-set bonus, unless they raid or get lucky in the vault. So… Yeah, that’s a pretty long time to wait to perform as intended.

Haha, I love this.

They nerfed my class so I’m refunding the game. Vote with your wallet people, if they nerf your class, refund.