Regarding Covenant / legendaries for Elemental

Reading icy veins, the recommendation is

Night fae - Korayn.
Legendary - Echoes of Great Sundering / Windspeakers Lava resurgence.

yet, if i look at WoWlogs, at top performers, everyone seems to largely be playing

Necrolord, with Deeply rooted Elements.

is there a specific reason for this? if Icy veins outdated?

are u talking about pve or pvp? For pvp its Necrolord, with Deeply rooted Elements.

For pve, sorry.

Im seeing that combo alot in m+ and raid logs also haha

For mythic + I would go night fae and Echoes of Great Sundering

Ah oki i did make the right choices then haha, thank you.

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Necrolord DRE is the meta specc for m+ ele right now.

But it only really gets good on higher keys where it pays of to spread flame shocks and fish for proccs, on lower keys your usually better of playing NF echoes / storm ele build.

DRE also does less aoe damage so in keys like gambit and lower kara going storm ele is often better unless you’re playing with classes that can carry the aoe.

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