Regarding the upcoming update to Covenant abilities:

Good morning!

I’ve just seen the upcoming changes to Covenant ability visuals from Shadowlands on Wowhead. First of all, I’m very glad that those are being changed, as the extreme thematic and visual clash kept me from playing with most of them. So, thank you for getting around to changing them.

On that note, I would like to ask you to also add glyphs to retain the old effects if all possible, just to have the option. Somewhat related, I would also like to see more customization for spell effects in general in such a manner. Warlocks for instance have tons of red gear to transmog (Corruptor’s Raiment, my beloved) but the only truly red spell left is Health Funnel. More options would be nice, like making Seed of Corruption red again, or changing your Shadowbolt to a fire or fel visual or what have you.
Oh, and also a tooltip change to the Codex of Xerrath from the green fire questline to disclose just what abilities exactly are affected by it. It’s very hard to tell sometimes what’s baseline and what’s different since the last visual update.