Regular Draenei Female horns


If you open character creation and select the horns that point straight up, then scroll through hairstyles you can see that hair texture extends into the horns. Can you please fix the hair so it doesn’t grow over horns? I don’t think it’s intended, and it looks bad.
Edit: you can only see it from behind.


Its the art of clipping , you will get used to it.

So far we have shoulder items piercing thro shields , head items piercing thro character’s neck during head’s animation , ground mounts getting devoured in the ground and many other examples.

I think its not possible to do something atm , at least from player’s side.
Maybe pray for them to fix whole clipping thing someday cuz its literally killing immersion , ikr.



Thank you for your sharing your feedback and ideas. We are not able to forward your suggestions ourselves though. Please send in your suggestion in-game directly.

From the Game Menu, click Help and Submit Suggestion. Follow the guide lines listed, to write up your suggestion in detail and click submit.

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