<Reincarnation> is recruiting!

Semi-casual-hardcore-tryhard guild from a dead server starting a new life on Firemaw, and we are recruiting to fill our roster to clear p2 content.

TK 3/4 SSC 5/6 (Vashj 9%)

We are looking for:
Retribution Paladin Enhance Shaman Warlock Disc Priest

Raid times - 20:00-23:30 ST Wednesday - 20:00-23:30 ST Sunday

Loot system
Using a Wishlist system in combination with Loot Council.

What can we offer?
Light-hearted but focused and prepared progress raiding environment.
Off day raids/Guild led P1 content pugs (Yes Ret Pala reading this, we’ll get you DST HR eventually).
A stacked Guild bank.
A community, not just a WoW Guild.

What do we expect? Social and friendly players, who put performance and a fun environment on equal priority. Players who most importantly are committed to doing their best, regardless of game experience.

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