Rejuvithorn appreciation thread. 💜

It’s good to have you there! Seeing you post replies to people here and on the Argent Dawn forums made me smile. :slight_smile:


It is indeed good to see some feedback from a SFA :3 even if it might be banter C:

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you! :hugs:

We’re a team. When you thank me, you thank everyone that makes all this possible. That doesn’t just mean forum staff, or the developers, or Blizzard as a whole; it also means you, our amazing fans. It’s together that we forge our experiences, and hand in hand we strive ever onward to build the best community possible.

You. All. Rock!


Just keep talking to us if you don’t wanna fall a sleep - we have long road ahead.


And the reason I don’t want to show appreciation to just one of you Forum Guardians, because I have noticed of lot of you all over the forum that I find awesome :muscle:


I agree, Rejuvithorn is very active and frankly it feels like they are one of us forum dwellers.

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