<Relic Hunters> has killed Onyxia for the first time and freed the Kingdom of Stormwind!


Hello fellow Waterlords!

Tonight, we killed Onyxia!
We are really proud to announce that Lady Katrana Prestor - Onyxia - will never again be a menace to the Kingdom of Stormwind!
It is only by the effort of the Alliance and the precious information - and sacrifice - of Reginald Windsor that this could have been accomplished!

The black dragonflight still lurks in the depths of the Blackrock Mountain and we will continue tracking them down until they are totally destroyed.

The gnomish snapshot of the result!: https:// i.postimg.cc/KZRm8ZNv/Wo-WScrn-Shot-091519-214154.jpg

For the Alliance!


Congratulations. :slight_smile:

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Grats dudes.


Well done! Very impressive! :grinning::muscle:


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Thanks! I am not allowed to post any image on the forum right now, for some unknown reason.


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I actually wonder when would Onyxia questline become IC for the RPing hydrobois, given it’s implications in Stormwind politics. With beginning of Phase 2, I suppose?