Reliving The Naxxramas Experience

Dear Classic & Vanilla players,

as we all know, “Classic WoW” has been cleared over 10 years ago and meanwhile, countless perfectionized Addons exactly tell us mind-blindly what to do and where to go.
There are BIS lists, calculations of max dps output and so forth…

In addition, Blizzard decided to go with one of the latest patches which considerably nerfed raids like MC and BWL.

As there is no chance to undo the present, there is a chance for us to decide how to play and what to use.
I am intrigued by the idea to find a Raid for Naxxramas (which should not be nerfed I guess/hope) with well equipped people that
do NOT use guides, pre-existing tactics
but re-live the experience of finding out how the game mechanics work.

If there are any people out there who think in a crazy same manner, comment on this thought. I would love to end my Vanilla experience several years later the way it never ended for me because I never finished this beautiful instance. And I never will considering how WoW Classic is played right now.

Zeetah (GER)

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U do realize tho few that cleared naxx did it most likely thanks to all this right? Not much else u can do wrong by spaming frost bolt and dodging fire.
So just more people will read guides and follow bis stats etc and finish it, not much will change there.

A lot of people did naxx in Wotlk as well.

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I dont think you can go guideless because wotlk naxx was a guide by itself

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When u look at numbers of finished runs, wotlk naxx was piece of cake… Afaik less than 10%(even that might be too much) did whole vanila naxx, i guess this time it will be just another regular raid.

they didn’t decide it, they had no choice.

Most of the population won’t be able to clear naxxramas even with guides, youtubers etc so I don’t think you need to worry zeetah :slight_smile:

They 10000% could have opted in to Progressive Itemization for instance, there’s no real debate to be had there honestly - would’ve adressed part of the issue.

You do know that a lot of numerical values were NERFED in the WOTLK version of Naxx compared to vanilla one right? It’s still gonna be difficult. On Northdale,
13 guilds in total cleared Naxxramas.
33 guilds cleared AQ40
62 guilds cleared BWL.
75 guilds cleared MC…

If you assume that classic BWL is ATLEAST as easy as MC currently is, and that Naxx on vanilla will not be noticeably more difficult than it was on pservers (pure speculation ofc, but not too unlikely)
That’s a 82.6% decline in ammount of guilds being able to clear the content.
Now that doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to do any Naxx content. It just means that they will stop their progression at Maexxna, or Loatheb, or heigan, or Thaddius or whichever hurdle that is too big for them to jump over.
The vast majority of guilds will likely be able to clear one, two or three wings in Naxxramas, but only a small minority of guilds will be able to kill the final bosses.

The release of Naxxx is a sad day for r13 or r14 players.

Because everything you farmed for is rendered useless against the t3 set.

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We cleared Naxx in vanilla… Turalyon - The Last Watch.

  • We didn’t worldbuff, apart from one attempt on KT where we wiped and it was all lost anyway.

  • IIRC we did flask, but all the various/important consumables, pots etc that we know about now were hardly used

  • Most of us were just wearing tier sets, because things like +weapon damage, spell hit, and various offset bonuses/procs etc weren’t really taken into account.

Like, if you go fight by fight and look at the mechanics (or even the required DPS) Naxx40 isn’t unreasonable.

Feral Druid says hi

So is your t2 Gear. :rofl:

75 guilds cleared MC meanwhile on classic ragnaros died first week of release, not even full raid of 40s and everybody was farmit him since them, pretty much same with bwl… So yea, still, it will be beaten this time, and farmed a lot, all those stories about how only 1% of best players could beat whole naxx etc wont happen again, this game has 15years, we all know how it will go


People are also much more complecent after a year of joke content, and unused to progression nights with no tangible result to show for it. We will see how many guilds will break on C’Thun, first challenging boss of Classic. Expect many times that to break on Loatheb/4H/Thaddeus/KT.

doubt AQ nor naxx will be hard

Most of the population are now able to follow guides / use DBM.

A lot of guilds back in vanilla disbanded due to players quitting / not bothering with Naxx due to BC coming out in the future.
Don’t forget recruiting GEARED players for naxx was also a problem.

This will be on farm and very easily.
Some guilds will struggle, but naxx was mostly a recruitment issue… and especially if you can’t get enough people… you’re going to have problems lol.

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Plenty of guilds with no consumes/wbuff required will get a shock when they start to wipe on trash in AQ

if you’re talking about the trash before Twins? some will wipe yes, but most casual guilds that was farming BWL for months? Will be able to reach C’thun in couple of weeks even without worldbuffs/consumes.

the real vanilla issue was that, most guilds couldn’t farm BWL enough to be rdy for AQ40, and the lack of active roster was the real issue.

Lol, not much is going to change.

AQ will still be cleared first night.


Yes ofc. But not by the guilds who have a paladin tank and stacking shadowpriest and not using consumes “Cuz you don’t need to bro”.
Suddenly the most casual guilds will hit a wall wich require more effort to climb then Bwl.