Reminder that a 100GB SSD is minimum requirement for Shadowlands

EDIT: Yesterday, september 1st, Blizzard changed the Shadowlands minimum requirements. Now it lists HDD in the minimum requirements. but says it can impact player experience and an SSD is still recommended. Bottom line - if you can play BFA you can probably play Shadowlands on the same level of performance. Original OP below.

Just a reminder to buy an SSD if you intend on playing Shadowlands. WoW is already very annoying to play on a normal HDD, after 8.1.5 changed how assets are being loaded, you can spend 2 minutes loading into Dalaran on the Broken Shore and I’m sure Shadowlands will be even worse.

System requirements going up with time is normal for WoW, and designing the game around SSDs can open up more interesting design options in the future. So just go get an SSD if you haven’t already.


Ssd manufacturer detected. Advertisement is against ToS :pouting_cat:


It does indeed state that in the system requirements.


Tbf its not like a big of deal imo, we are in 2020, SSD isnt something prestige nowdays
Even if u have older pc that can otherwise run it, SSD is like 20€ and will serve just fine.

Or if u wana invest bit more go get NVMe, if your motherboard supports it.

Edit : just checked one online store ( the more expensive/better known in my country). Cheapest SSD is for 24€ and its write/read speed is 500/mbps, could be more than fine.


More friends I’ll never see again. :frowning:


I got a bunch of Kingston 240GB SSDs for 50 euro a pop. They’re not that expensive these days, and I’m sure there’s cheaper ones. The thing that sold me on the ones I got is the specs and the 3 year warranty on each of them.

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Got the game installed on a 1TB SSD, so no problem.


No need to buy fancy shamcy ones ,i bought cheapest one four years ago and its still working flawless.Loading screen depending on zone is like 2-5 seconds.

Same :slight_smile:

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No offense but if you’re still playing the game on a HDD, it’s time to upgrade anyways.
SSD’s aren’t so expensive anymore they used to be but these days they’re not, a 500gb ssd is 50-60 euros. Probably cheaper if you can find a sale.


nothing to worry about i got a 2tb nvme i got my game on.

my ssd is 128gb so i wont be able to play. hope it doesnt autodownload and clog up my ssd so i can at least farm legion/wod/mounts

If you have a 128 GB SSD you probably have other things that cause issues besides WoW, no? a 240 GB SSD is 25-30 eur so probably a useful buy? ^^

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My SSD is 120gb so should be fine.

Need to check the SSD on my old PC which my hubby uses.

Isn’t 100GB SSD kinda expensive?

20-25 eur depending on country…
25-30 for 240 gb

SSD prices went down by a lot in the past years


you cant upgrade laptops dear


Depends on the laptop - most of them have a normal 2.5" SATA drive unless you got a super-flat / small laptop where everything is soldered on it

What do you have? I can find out if you want

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no idea my mommy bought it 5 years ago ;(


Amazon selling 120GB SSD for around £18.99 - £25.00